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RV Beach Camping Tips

RV at the beach with palm trees

“A day at the beach.” It’s a phrase we associate with fun, relaxation, and pure enjoyment. But if you don’t adequately prep for a day at the beach, it can be tougher on your recreational vehicle than you might imagine. Here are some RV beach camping tips to ensure that you’ll actually enjoy your outing.

Prep Your RV for the Beach Environment

The beach may look pretty, but it’s also a unique environment comprised of salt, water, and sand—in other words, it can be downright bad for your RV if you don’t adequately prepare it. Here’s what you can do to protect your RV beforehand:

  • Give your RV a proper cleaning and waxing. Start with Suds and work your way over to LifeWax. This will ensure that your RV is protected from the salty air and UV damage associated with beach camping.
  • Bring reflectors for your RV windows. You’d be amazed at how difficult it can be to keep an RV cool with the sun beating down on it all day. You don’t want to strain the RV’s AC more than you have to—that means keeping the sun out when you’re not using the RV.

Tips for Dealing with Sand

Sand is great to sink your feet in for an afternoon of relaxation, but when the day ends, you’re left with sandy toes that make their way inside your RV. Here are some ways to ensure that your RV doesn’t incur damage and grime due to excess sand:

  • Keep an outdoor rug at your entry to avoid tracking sand. It’s also a good idea to keep a bin outside so people can leave their sandals at the door. Hang a towel for cleaning off sandy feet before entering. Or, an even more effective method is keeping a bin of water and dry towels out so people can fully rinse off their feet before entering.
  • Pre-rinse before your shower. It sounds like overkill, but for most RVs, sand in the greywater system is an issue. It’s better to get the sand off with the hose before getting in the shower. Another option is to use beach access showers to rinse off sand.

Pack for the Beach, RV-Style

In addition to the usual beach pack—sunscreen, swimsuits, sunglasses, beach towels, and the like—you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for the unique event that is RV beach camping. Take a look at these RV beach camping tips:

  • Pack extra clothes and towels. Pack more than you think you’ll need. Even clean, dry clothes can get sand stuck on them more quickly than you might imagine. You can also never have enough towels.
  • Bring your own shade. Whether you extend an awning or you pack beach umbrellas, keep in mind that even a great day at the beach can be ruined by too much UV damage.
  • Bring your RV hookups. Visit the website of the RV-friendly beach you’re going to and find out what kind of hookups you can use. For example, does this campground offer a sewer connection? What about water and electric? You may need to bring a portable tank, for example, if the campground doesn’t have the sewer connection you need.

Beach Days are a Breeze with RV by LIFE

A day the beach should be as relaxing as possible. Get work out the way with the best RV cleaners, so that when your RV hits the beach, you’ll be ready to focus on pure enjoyment!

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