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RV Restoration: Three Simple Steps to a Refurbished RV


A phrase like “RV restoration” strikes fear in the heart of some
RV owners. Problems including rust, rotting wood, and discolored materials seem
like obstacles that can only be overcome through time, money, and manual labor.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Follow these simple steps,
and you’ll find out just how easy RV restoration can be with the right equipment
and a little know-how.

Diagnosing Your RV
Restoration Needs

The first step is to get an accurate idea of exactly what’s
plaguing your RV in the first place. What’s in need of restoration, and what will
be necessary to get it looking new again? If you’re new to RVs, here’s a brief
list of questions you can ask yourself as you examine the RV:

  • Which
    areas on the RV are affected?
    For example, is your RV fiberglass in good
    shape, but the wood needs updating? Write down a list of all of the affected
    areas on your RV that you want to address.
  • What are
    the “symptoms” of the problem?
    Like a doctor making a diagnosis, you’ll be
    much better at restoring your RV if you first understand what the problem is. Some
    problems will be easy to diagnose, like rust. Others will be a little trickier.
    Take a few photographs of the damage and ask some experts if you get stuck.

Much of the work in RV restoration is simply recognizing the
problem and looking up the solution. The trick is recognizing the problem with
accuracy. So don’t be afraid to consult outside opinions on your RV before you
attempt a restoration, even if you’re doing the restoring yourself.

Selecting the Right
RV Restoration Products

Once you have an idea of what the problem is, matching the
right product to the job is absolutely essential.

You can start by having a look at our RV restoration products.
There you’ll find a number of solutions for various RV restoration problems,
including rust and rotted wood. You may also want to consider buying Life Wax in order to finish things
off—but more about that in our next step.

Proper Application
and Maintenance

Once you have a proper diagnosis of what plagues your RV and the right RV restoration products to
match, it’s time to get to work.

Unless you’re very experienced with specific products and
with your own RV, you’ll want to read up on proper application first. Double-check
your RV restoration product labels to look for special considerations and limitations
before starting. If it’s necessary to clean and dry a particular spot on your
RV first, now’s the time.

After everything is all set and your RV looks new, make sure
to bring out the Life Wax, which can last up to three years when used along
with PolyShine®.
This will give your RV an updated look while ensuring it will be a while before
you ever have to restore your RV again. 

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