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RV Washing Supplies: Tools to Make Your Life Easier


Let’s face it: your RV is rather large. You’re smart, so you
buy your Suds by the gallon
and make sure to wash your RV’s exterior regularly so that when you do wash your
RV, there isn’t any back-breaking work to do.

But there’s no getting around the fact that your RV is big.
And with that square footage comes a special requirement: you need the right RV
washing supplies and tools that can make washing your RV as easy as washing
your car. Here are a few suggestions for RV washing products and tools you
might be familiar with—and some you might not have considered.

Suds Gallon

If you have a large RV exterior to take care of, then buying
your RV cleaner by the gallon is really the only way to go. Why RV by Life Suds?
It will clean without removing the wax from your fiberglass, which keeps your
RV exterior protected, even after a thorough washing. You have been sure to use your RV Graphix Wax, haven’t you?

Collapsible Washing

With all of that soapy water to handle, you’re going to need
a large bucket. The problem with large buckets? Well, they’re large. They’re
cumbersome, and they take up a lot of space. If you acquire a collapsible washing bucket, on the other
hand, you can add storage space for your soapy water without taking up
unnecessary space in your garage or your RV.

RV Washing Brush

An extendable washing brush is a great way to get at hard to
reach areas and give your RV the thorough washing it needs. Be sure to buy a sturdy
brush, as the more extended your brush is, the more stress will be placed on
the pole. If you plan on using the brush more than once, you’re going to want a
well-constructed washing brush that can handle the action.

Polyshine® Premium
Fiberglass & Composite Polish Pint

When you’re done with your RV washing, giving your
fiberglass a good polish will restore its like-new shine. In the case of Polyshine®
in particular, the polish will act as a fiberglass glaze that helps protect the
exterior of your RV from issues like sun damage via UV rays.

Radio or MP3 Player

Of course, getting yourself to actually do the washing… well, that can feel a bit like a chore. Spending
part of your hard-earned Saturday afternoon washing an RV can feel like hard
labor. To make the experience more pleasant, invest in a radio or MP3 player
with speakers that you can take outside. As long as it has the clarity and
volume to stay well-removed from the water you’re using to wash your RV, you’ll
have plenty of entertainment while you work. After all, showing up is half the

Buy Quality RV
Washing Supplies

Keep browsing our list of RV cleaners if you need some
extra help when cleaning your RV exterior. With the right products and tools at
your disposal, it doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can often be a

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