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RV Roof Replacement Cost & Preventive Maintenance


Admit it. You have better things to spend money on than your
RV roof. If it keeps the rain off your head, you’re content. But ignoring the health and quality of your
roof can lead to problems. If those problems are severe enough, your only “out”
is a total roof replacement. Here’s some important information about the
typical RV roof replacement cost—and what you need to know to avoid these
expensive repairs.

Calculating the Cost
of Replacing Your Roof

No one wants to replace a roof. But if you don’t take care
of it, you may have no other choice. So what does an RV roof replacement cost?
According to some experts, it can cost as much as $300 per linear foot of
roof—or $12,000 for a roof of 40’.

That’s enough to buy an entirely new car. In other words,
it’s too much. If you had a quality roof, you could use that money to upgrade
other parts of your RV and make it a much more comfortable, entertaining place
to be. But all that a new roof gets you is the shelter you should have had all

It’s vital that you maintain your roof well enough that you
don’t need to replace it. The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a
pound of cure—well, they might as well have been talking about an RV roof. The
better you can clean, seal, and repair your roof for its long-term health, the
more likely it is you’ll get to keep that $12,000 and spend it on more useful

Taking Proper Care of
Your RV Roof

calk.pngWant to know how to avoid an expensive roof replacement in
the first place? Here are the critical preventive maintenance tips you’ll need
to know:

  • Get
    familiar with your roof.
    The first mistake you can make with your RV roof
    is never to look at it at all. When you maintain your RV, make a point of
    getting on the roof. Take every safety precaution you can, as RV roof accidents
    can result in terrible injuries. Then, inspect your roof for signs of damage or
    leakage. You might not like the idea of spotting a problem, but it’s better to
    spot it sooner than later—or not at all!
  • Seal off
    any leaks as soon as possible.
    One of the best things you can do to
    maintain the integrity of your roof is to ensure it remains water-tight. The
    more water leaks through your roof, the more likely it is to cause damage. Arm
    yourself with RV sealants
    designed specifically for your roof materials, and you’ll never have to wonder
    how to fix a leak again.
  • Steer
    clear of debris.
    Keep your RV roof clean and clear of debris, and be sure
    to park your RV under shelter during storms. You may do a good job of
    maintaining your roof, but a single tree branch can change all of that in a

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