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DIY RV Renovation Tips


Your RV might be getting old, but that doesn’t mean it has
to feel old. Renovating your RV can
have a dramatic impact on its appearance as well as how much enjoyment you get
out of your mobile experience. Here are some of our top DIY RV renovation tips.

Look For
Multi-Tasking Opportunities

In an RV, space is limited. It doesn’t matter if
you own a billionaire’s yacht equivalent of an RV. Since its mobile, it’s going
to include limited space. That means you might see some of your best renovation
returns in adding multi-taskers. Why multi-taskers? Because they maximize
efficiency with minimal invasion of space. Think about adding the following:

  • Fold-out
    counter space
    could include uses like a computer desk, additional kitchen counter when cooking, or even a simple work space for writing, journaling, and
  • Moveable
    or even removable seating
    can add comfort if you’re including more guests on a trip than usual. This
    addition can also make your RV more spacious when the guest list isn’t so
  • Curtains
    might seem like uni-taskers, but consider all that they can accomplish: they
    can serve as room dividers, shades, and even mood-setters. A few well-placed
    curtains can also add a decorative quality to your RV that’s impossible to

Upgrade The Basicsrv-care-cleaning.jpg

It’s tempting to go all-out with your RV and turn it into
something that looks like it’s out of James Bond. But when it comes to a return
on your DIY RV renovation budget, there’s nothing quite so important as
upgrading the basics. This includes:

  • Installing
    new kitchen flooring
    to ensure that it’s waterproof, damage-resistant, and
    looks both modern and simple.
  • Ditching
    old furniture
    can upgrade the look of your RV. Replacing that furniture
    with sleeker modern fixtures can improve that look while helping you to make
    more efficient use of your space.
  • Upgrading
    your plumbing
    might not be the “sexiest” upgrade you’ll ever make. But when
    it comes to mobile living, there may be no system that’s as necessary. A
    quality plumbing system will ensure that the rest of your trip is as
    comfortable as possible. Bad or leaky plumbing will ruin even the most
    high-tech RVs.


Improve Your RV’s

There’s nothing wrong with making updates to your RV that
are strictly what some might call “cosmetic.” You’re the one who has to see
your RV the most, after all. You might as well make that a pleasing experience.
Here are a few tips for improving your RV’s look on a minimal budget:

  • Fresh
    on both the interior and exterior can have a dramatic effect on your
    RV’s look. It’s labor-intensive, but new coats of paint can be budget-friendly,
  • Furniture
    can add some space to your RV and can make every trip that
    much more comfortable.


Stock Up On Quality
RV Products

Finally, make sure that you’re always ready for some DIY RV
repair and renovation by arming yourself with RV restoration products.
Not every renovation has to be a major expense. With a well-timed application
of the right RV products, you can upgrade your RV and maintain its quality for
years to come.

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