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RV Tips & Tricks for Beginners


So you’re new to the world of RVs, and there’s no “new
owner’s manual” that gives you the insight you need to fully enjoy and protect
your RV. But not to worry: we’ve put together a few essential RV tips and
tricks for beginners to help you as you get started.

Start with a Practice

One of the biggest RV tips for beginners is to get used to
your RV before your first trip. If you’re planning extended trips—say, one week
or longer—don’t do it until you’ve had the chance to get away for a weekend,
even overnight.

There are many issues you might not be aware of when you
enjoy your RV only casually. Knowing where to dump sewage, how to handle water
issues, or even addressing an unexpected RV leak with a proper RV sealant don’t come up when
things are going easy. It’s when you’re away from home that your skills as an
RV owner are really tested. Your best bet? Do a small “trial run” and keep a
notebook handy, so you can jot down any additions or purchases you might need
to make before the big vacation.

Don’t Forget the RV
is Also a Vehicle

When you plan a trip in an RV, it’s tempting to think only
of food and maps. But the RV is also a vehicle, and like any vehicle, it needs
tending to. Is the oil changed? Do you need to rotate your tires first? Is the
gas tank full? It’s only when you ignore these basic questions that you run
into problems.

Understand Your RV

Water and waste are first and foremost here. You should be
able to hook up your waste system to proper disposal before you venture out too
far. Performing a trial run will help with that, but you don’t even need to
leave home to ensure you know all there is to know about the systems on your
RV. Don’t just read the manual; get in there and see the parts for yourself.

Keep a Good Cleaner

One crucial RV trick for beginners is to always keep a
quality cleaner handy. You never know what’s going to happen in your RV: leaks,
spills, you name it. That’s why it’s important to keep dedicated RV cleaners around. Even if you
don’t have a trip planned any time soon, these cleaners should be kept around
the RV for easy access and maintenance. If you address a stain or a spot
quickly, it’s far less likely to become an enduring problem.

Wax Your RV

This may be one of the most crucial RV tips for beginners. Your
RV needs protection just like any other vehicle on the road. That protection
starts with a good clean, rinse, and dry—and then a proper application of Life Wax. This wax will keep
debris at bay and prevent UV damage over the long haul. The better news is that
you can forget about it for three years if you use this wax in conjunction with

Stock Up On RV Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies

The more attention you pay to your RV at the beginning, the
more you’ll be able to enjoy it later—that’s what a long RV life is all about. Shop
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