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Camper Organization Ideas & RV Storage Hacks

Rv parked on road

No matter how spacious your camper is—or isn’t—any RV
eventually reaches a limit. But that limit can be flexible, especially if you
know how to organize and store your items. To help you keep your RV clean,
organized and full of everything you need, here are a few camper organization
ideas and RV storage hacks.

Start with the
KonMari Method

The KonMari method of tidying up is simple: you start with
clothes, books and papers, and then on to everything else. As you tidy up each
item, you ask yourself a simple question: is
this bringing joy to my life?
Or, to make it more RV-appropriate, ask
yourself, is this item making my camper
or RV a more pleasant place to be?

For a warm blanket, you might answer yes, fold it, and move on. For small accessories you never use, the
better answer might be to remove it from your RV completely.

3 RV Storage Hacks to
Keep More of What You Love

If you still have too much “stuff” for your camper, then
incorporate these three RV storage tricks:

  • Go
    Can you Velcro a remote control to the side of a TV? Use a
    magnetic storage rack in the kitchen to keep silverware clear? Do you have
    hanging storage bags for accessories? Is the garbage can hanging on the inside
    of a drawer or is it out in the open? As long as your vertical storage is safe
    and secure during the ride, there’s no reason you can’t use all three dimensions for storage.
  • Invest in
    a place where stuff gets “dropped.”
    As people enter your RV, the question
    “where do I put this?” gets repeated over and over. It’s better to keep a
    single plastic bin for things that need to be dropped at a moment’s notice.
    This keeps individual spaces clean and lets you sort through the accessories
  • Buy
    devices specifically for storage convenience.
    A retracting wall mount for a
    computer monitor, hanging storage for keeping bathroom items inside the door of
    a shelf—these are small investments but pay major dividends in storage space.

Of course, none of these camper organization ideas will
matter unless you improve your habits. We have some ideas in that department as

Better RV Habits to
Keep Your Camper Organized & Clean

Unless you make regular organizing and better habits a
priority, your RV will fill up with new “stuff” in no time. Here’s what you
need to do:

  • Stick to
    A flat-screen TV offers plenty of different entertainment
    options while taking up minimal space. It’s a multi-tasker. A pizza stone in
    the kitchen is… well, that’s for pizzas. Unless you really like pizza, stick to
    the multi-taskers.
  • Don’t
    bring new objects on board without taking off an old one.
    This is a good
    habit to get into because it makes you review what’s already on your camper and
    ask yourself if you really need it.
  • Find ways
    to repurpose objects.
    A shirt hanger is great, for instance, but you can
    repurpose it to hang hats and keep as many as a dozen stored on one hanger.
    Find little opportunities to maximize your space and your RV will clear up in
    no time.

Of course, these camper organization ideas will leave more
space for essentials like RV cleaners and RV sealants. Browse all of our RV products to find the
multi-taskers that take up minimal space with maximum use.

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