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RV Water Damage Repair


You do your best to maintain your RV and keep tabs of
everything that happens inside. But sometimes, damage only happens when—and
where—you can’t see it. That’s especially true of water damage, which is
difficult to see until it finally breaks the surface of your roof. And because
something as harmless as water becomes harmful
once it’s spent a lot of time inside your RV, you need to know how to address
it when you do find it. Here are some key tips for RV water damage repair.

Identify and Stop the

Water damage doesn’t just happen by accident. Somewhere on
your RV, water is getting where it’s not designed to go—and that’s a problem
that needs to be addressed before any restoration efforts can take place.

Where should you look? Some of the most common sources of
water damage include:

  • Leaking windows
  • Roof damage
  • Siding damage and leaks

In some cases, you can patch these up yourself. If an RV
leak is limited in scope, you can reach for any RV sealants designed for the
materials that are leaking. Clean out the area, keep the RV in a dry place,
apply the sealant, and give it time to cure. A proper cure will be water-proof
and ensure that there’s no more damage taking place.

If a leak is more substantial, it’s possible that you might
have to call an audible and bring in a professional to repair the affected area
itself. But before we consider that as an option, let’s move to the next step:
addressing the repairs you can handle yourself.

RV Water Damage

We offer a few products that can restore your RV to its
former health. Here’s a quick guide to matching the RV water damage repair
product to your individual situation:

  • End Grain
    is designed for the exposed end of wood and the prevention of rot.
    This is a great way to address still-healthy wood where you’ve noticed a water
    leak, as preventing the rot from setting in will be much easier than repairing
    the rot once it’s taken hold of your wood.
  • Git-Rot® Dry
    Rot Kit
    is about addressing wood that no longer has water in it but still
    has rotting issues that could potentially make the wood useless. If you don’t
    need to replace the wood, the Git-Rot® Dry Rot Kit can use capillary action to
    move through wood fibers and reinforce its strength. This saves you money on
    wood replacement and lets you re-seal the area for better long-term protection.

More extensive water damage in your RV might call for more
action. Sometimes, the only thing you can do to the RV is to remove the
affected area and replace it entirely. If you’re unsure about the extent of
your water damage, consider bringing in an expert to give you their
professional opinion.

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If you’ve yet to notice any water damage, be sure to consistently
use the right RV products to
seal and protect your most vital materials! At RV by LIFE, we offer a full
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its best.

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