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Preparing For Your First RV Trip

An RV is essentially a home on wheels—so it shouldn’t take
much planning to pull off your first RV trip, right? Not necessarily. Your
first RV trip is a great time to explore the possibilities of your new
adventures, but it’s also a learning opportunity. Think of it as a dress
rehearsal for even longer trips. Do it right, and you’ll have what it takes to
enjoy your RV to the fullest.

Here’s what you need to know.

Create a Packing

If you’re an experienced RVer, then you likely have a few
“kits” ready to go with all of your essentials. On your first big RV trip? Not
so much. Be sure to create a packing checklist that includes all of what you
see here:

  • Food and
    serving accessories.
    Cups, mugs, plates, bowls, utensils, napkins, pots,
    pans—if you need it to eat, pack it. Don’t forget your other personal
    essentials. If you’re a coffee drinker, for example, don’t forget to bring
    along a coffee maker or some form of instant coffee.
  • Hygiene
    and medical supplies.
    You already know which medications you’ll need, so
    make sure you store them securely. Bring all the toiletries you need to get and
    stay clean, including floss, toothpaste, a toothbrush, soap, shampoo, even
    towels. A first aid kit will also make a wise investment here.
  • Pet
    If you don’t have a pet, great—nothing to pack. If you do,
    remember that they’ll need everything they have at home as well, including
    plenty of food.
  • Sleeping
    and relaxation.
    Good pillows, clean sheets, even a good book or tablet to
    read at night—you’ll want it all. There’s no reason that you should have to
    forego your usual bedtime routine as you relax.
  • Entertainment.
    Outdoor games, indoor games, something to read, something to watch—the choice
    is yours, but remember that you’ll likely have more “down time” than you’re
    used to.

With your checklist firmly in place, let’s get to the
actionable tips you can take to make your RV ready for the road.

Scheduling Your Trip
in Advance


Once you become an old hand in the world of RVing, you’ll
feel confident throwing caution to the wind and making spontaneous plans. But for
your first RV trip, it’s a better idea to plan everything in advance and know
where—and when—you need to be:

  • Call the
    campground ahead of time to learn what you’ll need.
    Do they have specific
    hookups that you can use when you’re there—and if not, what are they missing?
    What will you need to bring with you, and when should you arrive? These sound
    like basic questions, but the sooner they’re answered, the sooner you’ll be
    able to enjoy yourself.
  • Plan an
    activity or two.
    It’s easy to say “we’ll camp for the weekend,” but think
    about what that entails. Are you going to stay around and read? Go for a hike?
    Try out some of the local festivities in the area? Plan at least one activity
    to try something new—if you don’t like it, you can always retreat to the
    comfort of your RV.
  • Take the
    time to navigate.
    A GPS is a great thing to have, but it doesn’t hurt to
    check out your trip in advance to see if there are any confusing intersections
    or road names that might throw a wrench in your plans.

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