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RV Waxes and Polishes

best rv wax for fiberglass

The world of RV waxes and polishes can be daunting, especially if you are new to the topic. Today, we’ll introduce the differences between RV waxes and polishes and what to look for when choosing a product, as well our recommendations for the best boat wax.

Why use an RV-grade wax and polish?

The reason why you should consider using an RV-grade wax and polish on your RV’s fiberglass is because of its exterior layer of gel coat that keeps the vehicle looking shiny and like-new. RV-grade waxes and polishes are specifically designed to protect this gel coat surface. Your RV’s gel coat is like a thin, protective layer of skin that is exposed to all the elements that nature throws at it, all of the time. This includes sun exposure, inclement weather, bugs, grime, dirt and debris. Keeping this gel coat surface clean, waxed and polished is essential for the long-term maintenance of your vehicle.

The difference between RV waxes and polishes

RV-grade waxes and polishes are specifically designed to work with the fiberglass gel coat. This is imperative to the preservation of your RV and to keeping it in like-new condition. RV-grade waxes and polishes also may contain UV inhibitors that will extend the life of your gel coat. The difference between RV waxes and polishes is that polishes fill the microscopic pores in the gel coat surface by filling in those microscopic divots. Waxes, on the other hand, are to be used once this step is complete for a long-lasting shine.

What you need to know

Polishes act more like surface prep, so after a thorough cleaning of your RV’s exterior, it is recommended that you apply a polish to the gel coat. RVbyLIFE’s PolyShine® Premium Fiberglass & Composite Polish is the best fiberglass cleaner and certainly does the trick. Not only does it work to shine and protect the gel coat, it also works well on chrome and stainless steel hardware and fittings. This product can be applied by hand or with a buffing machine.

For the best marine care, next, you’ll want to wax your washed and polished gel coat surface. RV waxes extend the shine and add protection to your gel coat finish. RVbyLIFE’s LifeWax® is a long-lasting carnauba wax paste that offers UV protection. Used together with PolyShine, the wax will last up to three years.

For wax that is specifically designed to protect vinyl graphics, choose RVbyLIFE’s Graphix Wax. Solvent-free, it cleans dirt, grime and stains while protecting graphics from harmful UV rays. Never use a wax over your graphics if it contains any petroleum based solvents.

For damaged gel coat surfaces, RVbyLIFE’s Fiberglass Rubbing Compound works wonders to smooth out the surface, remove oxidation and stains, and to prepare the gel coat for waxing.

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Happy waxing!

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