PolyShine® Premium Fiberglass & Composite Polish 16 fl. oz.



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The shine on your RV’s exterior can be short-lived if you don’t treat it periodically. With PolyShine Premium Fiberglass & Composite Polish, you can bring back the luster of your RV’s fiberglass and protect it from harmful UV rays at the same time. Order a bottle of this quality RV polish today!

Defend Against RV Yellowing

The yellowing of your RV’s fiberglass is something that is bound to happen over time without proper care. All those hours spent out on the road and parked in the sun can damage the exterior of your rig. To prevent this, use a quality RV polish like PolyShine—which includes UV inhibitors—that can protect your RV and off any prevent signs of yellowing for years into the future.

Applying Your Polish

For the best results, polish should be applied after cleaning and before waxing your fiberglass. If applying to a small area, you can do so by hand with a soft cloth, applying it in a circular motion. To apply the polish over a large area, you likely want to use equipment like waxing pads and an electric buffer. It may take a little practice to master your application technique, but your efforts will pay off when your RV starts to shine like it did when it was new.

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16 fl. oz./ 473 ml.