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RV Waxing Service? Learn to Do It Yourself!

A freshly-waxed RV is a great thing. It will look great, and
a new coat of wax will help to protect the color and the quality of your RV’s
exterior. It’s no wonder that so many people pay for a professional RV waxing
service to handle the job. The problem? RV waxing services can be
expensive—expensive enough to make you think about doing it yourself. The good
news is that handling it yourself can actually be cheaper and much easier than
you think. Just follow this simple guide!

Step #1: Clean Your
RV Exterior

If it sounds like a chore, keep in mind that your main goal
here is to clear the RV exterior of debris and dust so that the wax can
directly coat the surface of your RV. You don’t have to have a major, thorough,
deep-cleaning process here. It will help if you have a few of the right RV
cleaning products at hand to make quick work of this step.

Perhaps the best product to have on standby is
from RV by LIFE. This environmentally safe, biodegradable formula is
easy on the surrounding area. It’s also easy on wax—which you’ll want to keep
around for well after the waxing is finished and you’re ready to clean again.

Step #2: Rinse and

This is one of the most overlooked—and most important—steps
in the process. After a thorough rinse, keep your RV somewhere out of the
elements so it can dry without additional debris. This drying might take a
while, but it will be worth the wait. You want to work with a smooth, clean,
dry surface when you’re applying wax if you’re going to get the best results.

Step #3: Wax Your RV

Using the applicator of your choice, add
LifeWax to your RV with an eye on
keeping a smooth, consistent coat throughout. As for applicator choices, you
can use an electric buffer—which is better for large RVs—or handle the buffing
yourself with some old, soft clothes, or even waxing pads you find at the
hardware store. The larger your RV is, the more likely it is that a powered
waxer will be a worthy investment. Even if you shell out money for renting
equipment, you might still stand to save money over paying for a professional
RV waxing service.

If you keep moving and don’t spend too much time on any
particular area, the waxing itself could take well under an hour, especially if
you have a smaller RV. And be sure to use LifeWax in conjunction with
for a fresh look that will last years!

Final Thoughts

Waxing your RV doesn’t have to be a major event—or even a
costly one. If you have the right products and a little know-how, you can
quickly protect and polish your RV’s exterior to keep it in exceptional shape.

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inexpensive—RV maintenance can be when you do it yourself!

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