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RVing with Cats – Guide for Traveling with Cats

It’s true that your RV can be a great way to enjoy adventure,
camping, and travel while leaving your old stationary life behind. But without
your cat, the RV might never quite seem like “home.” And that’s fine. As it
turns out, there are plenty of options when it comes to traveling with cats.
Just make sure you’re aware of the challenges that can spring up along the way.
Here’s a quick guide to RVing with cats.

Common RVing with
Cats Issues

A cat that’s used to indoor living will likely find it
somewhat natural to move to the enclosed space of an RV. But that doesn’t mean
there aren’t some other potential challenges that cat owners need to be aware
of, including:

  • The
    litter area.
    When you bring a dog somewhere in your RV, this isn’t an
    issue. It is with cats. You’ll have to have a litter area that’s protected from
    the rest of the RV (and vice versa). Some RV owners even go as far as to
    install a special litter area for their cats.
  • Entertainment.
    You bring books and movies for your camping purposes—so why wouldn’t your cat
    also want some entertainment? A long drive in an RV can be as challenging for a
    cat as it is for you, so be sure to bring something from home that your cat
    already enjoys. It will make the transition to RV a lot easier.
  • Cleaning.
    If everything goes to plan, your cat will be as tidy in the RV as it is at
    home. That’s a big
    IF. If not, you
    should be ready with high quality
    cleaning supplies
    to spot-clean and keep your RV interior in top shape.
  • Health/medications.
    When traveling with cats or any animal, it’s a good idea to keep some medical
    history on your pet (including vaccinations) somewhere on the RV—not to mention
    any medications that your cat might need along the way. Since every cat is
    different, have a talk with your veterinarian about the planned RV trips and
    ask what you should bring along.

The good news about these challenges when it comes to RVing
with cats that they’re easy to prepare for. But let’s look at that third one—RV
cleaning—and come up with a plan for preventing long-term issues.

RV Cleaning when
Traveling with a Cat

A well-behaved cat isn’t going to have a dramatic impact on
how your RV gets cleaned… but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. The best way to
keep your RV in top shape is to simply have the right materials on hand to
spot-clean as soon as possible. We recommend the following products:

  • RV
    . This is a great “general” cleaner. It’s important to have something
    this versatile on board because you never know where your cat might leave a
    mess. It will be your front choice for many other RV cleaning needs as well.
  • VinyLIFE
    Cleaner & Protectant
    . Cats love to get a good hold on vinyl, which is
    why it makes sense to keep both a cleaner and a protectant around. If you can
    have both in the same bottle, all the better.

Ultimately, RVing with cats won’t be a major challenge. If
anything, it should be a delight. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a few
steps to prepare so that you—and your cat—can have the best time possible.

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