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Summer RV Trips – 5 Must-See Destinations

There’s no doubt about it: summer is RV season. The weather
is almost always favorable for an RV trip, and the United States is home to a
wide range of cities, sights, and parks that make owning an RV a joy. If we
were to list them all, we could go on and on. So let’s narrow it down to five
of the must-see destinations you should think about for your summer RV trips.

Grand Teton National
Park, Wyoming

The white-capped mountains and diverse wildlife of the Grand
Tetons are well worth the visit on their own. But part of what makes this such
a great destination for summer RV trips is the fact that it lies in such close
proximity to Yellowstone National Park. The northwest Wyoming trip is something
of a “two-for-one” deal, allowing you to experience what both national parks
have to offer, witnessing some of the most naturally beautiful landscapes
you’ll find in the contiguous U.S.

Pacific Coast
Highway, California

If you prefer a little more ocean in your life, then keep
heading west until you reach the coast. Running along—what else?—the long
Pacific coast of California, the Pacific Coast Highway is one segment of
California State Route 1. This beautiful, scenic highway connects northern
California—including the San Francisco Bay area—all the way down to south of
Los Angeles. You’re sure to experience good weather, plenty of gorgeous
coastline, and enough attractions to keep you busy throughout the entire trip.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon isn’t just a neat national park—it’s one of
the most impressive sights on planet Earth, period. Running some 277 miles and
showing off some two billion years of geological history, the Grand Canyon is
one of those “bucket list” summer RV trip destinations that you can’t afford to
ignore. It doesn’t hurt that Grand Canyon National Park has become very RV
friendly. The northern Arizona climate can be surprisingly temperate, making an
off-season trip just as comfortable as it is awe-inspiring.

Overseas Highway, Florida

The western United States if full of sight after sight, but don’t
forget about the east coast! If you find yourself in the southeast in
particular, think about a trip to southern Florida. You can make the Overseas
Highway your goal, but you probably won’t mind side trips to Miami or the
Everglades National Park, which is one of the most unique ecosystems in the
entire United States.

As for the Overseas Highway itself, this 113-mile long patch
of highway is something of a constant bridge linking the Florida Keys to the
rest of the country. No other state in the union offers this kind of access to
bright blue waters.

Chesapeake Bay,

There is a lot of history on Chesapeake Bay, but perhaps
even more impressive is the bridge that connects eastern Maryland to the rest
of the state. Although you’ll want to avoid traffic during peak hours—after
all, everyone wants to cross it—you’ll find that its proximity to Washington,
D.C. makes a great side trip as you explore some of the biggest population
centers along the east coast.

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