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Rv’ing With Your Pets


Today, more than ever, people are traveling with their pets and including them in activities, such as vacations. Pet Travel Center reports that around 75% of RVers travel with their pets. We put together a list of Pet-Must-Haves to keep your canine family member safe and happy while keeping your RV maintenance up to date.


Lots of people don’t like to tie their dog up and tether them to a pole, picnic table or post. Pet fences are a great alternative. They allow your fur ball to roam around and have more space to sprawl out. Be sure that your fence is tall enough for your dog’s needs and always make sure they have access to at least partial shade and fresh water. Also make sure you check with the campground you are staying at to ensure that they allow pet fences.

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Pet Barrier

While you and your pet probably don’t want to be apart, and it makes your dog feel better to be close to you, it can be dangerous if they are up near the driver while you are in motion. Dog barriers are great for keeping your dog in a specific area of the RV.

Seat Belts

Humans aren’t the only ones who are susceptible to car crash injuries. Make sure your pet is protected just as you are, by securing them in with a car seat or seat belt. Depending on the size of your pooch, you’ll want to choose whether a seat belt or car seat is appropriate.

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Dog Ramp/Steps

It happens, we all get older and when that happens, we slow down. Dog ramps or steps are perfect for older pups and for those who have hip dysplasia or other medical conditions. There are many ramps that are made specifically for RV’s.

Seat Protectors

Being in your RV is supposed to be a time of relaxation. You don’t want to spend your time vacuuming hair or cleaning up accidents on the upholstery. Seat protectors protect your seats from all kinds of pet accidents. And the best thing is they are simple to put on and faster to clean up and store when not needed. Check out what RV restoration products we provide here.

Pet Bed/Toys

Some dogs are more tentative than others, especially if this is their first RV outing. Having a comfortable pet bed that they are familiar with and feel safe in is an awesome way to make this new adventure a little easier for them. If you don’t have a dog bed and plan on buying one, make sure you bring it into the house so they have time to adjust to it. Toys are also a great way to facilitate an enjoyable trip for your best puppy pal.

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