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Stay Stocked: Equipping an Essential RV Cleaning Kit

If you’re relaxing in your RV and someone spills grape
juice, what do you do? If you notice water spots on the glass, are you able to
turn to a piece of equipment within your RV, or do you have to venture off to
the hardware store for a cleaner that won’t produce any streaks?

These are the kinds of questions that only seem to come up
when you’ve been in your RV long enough to realize that you’re ill-prepared for
the different types of challenges that RV use can provide to your ability to
keep your environment clean. Luckily, we’ve put together some suggestions for
an essential RV cleaning kit that will keep all of the necessary products handy
for an entire range of situations, challenges, and unexpected spills.

Fiberglass Stain Remover: One of your first priorities should
be to ensure the long-term viability of your fiberglass. This is especially
true considering just how much material in an RV is comprised of fiberglass.
This kind of cleaner will help keep you free of rust, scuffmarks, black
streaks, and more—and can rinse off with just clean water. What’s more, after
you clean your fiberglass it will be ready for a coat of wax if you decide to
not only clean your RV but to protect it.

Suds Quart: If you already have a
layer of wax on your fiberglass, however, where should you turn? You should
have some RV-ready cleaning liquid ready to go. To that end, we present Suds: a
biodegradable, environmentally safe method of cleaning that will allow you to
work on your fiberglass without damaging the wax. It helps to have a dedicated
RV cleaner on hand for general purposes as well, as you never know when it
might come in handy on a range of different surface types.

Stainless Steel Cleaner Pint: Stainless steel’s a tough and durable
surface, of course, but if you want to maintain its quality over time, only
stainless steel cleaner will do. What’s great about this Stainless Steel
Cleaner Pint is that it cleans and protects with an easy spray-on, wipe-off
motion that requires as little effort as it sounds. And since it offers a
fingerprint resistance afterwards, you can be sure that your stainless steel
will continue to shine the way stainless steel should.

Vinylife Vinyl Cleaner and Protectant Pint: On the inside of your RV, you’ll want
to make sure that any and all vinyl is not only able to be cleaned at a
moment’s notice, in case of spilling and other damage, but that it can be
protected from the rigors of daily RV life as well. For that, VinyLIFE™ Vinyl
Cleaner and Protectant can not only be sprayed when it’s time to clean, but
will help ensure the long-term durability of your vinyl.

You never know when a spot, stain, or rust will strike next.
That’s why it’s not only important to have one or two of the right products
handy, but an entire kit that will simplify your RV cleaning process and ensure
that all of your materials are clean and protected. 

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