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10 Ways to Make Your Life Easier When Cleaning and Restoring Your RV

No matter how passionate you are about your RV, you can always
make your life a little easier when it comes to routine maintenance for your
recreational vehicle. From having the right knowledge to arming yourself with
the proper equipment, there are plenty of ways to ensure that every dollar and
hour you put into your RV yields the most possible return on your investment.
How can you do that you ask? Here are 10 ways of accomplishing exactly that:

1.Buy the right cleaning materials- You’re
going to end up buying cleaning materials anyway, so you might as well buy the
right ones. There are a range of RV cleaners that specifically designed to make
cleaning easier for you.

2.Clean regularly- Set up an online
calendar reminder that emails you every so often so that you don’t forget to
regularly clean. The more regular you are in your efforts, the less grime and
dirt will build up in between cleaning sessions.

3.Avoid dish soap- You’d be amazed at how
many people try to use regular household cleaning products like dish soap on
their RV, and are shocked at how much damage these products can actually do to
your vehicle. Stick with your trusted RV cleaning supplies to avoid the
headache of repairs later on down the road.

4.Tricks and tips for cleaning window blinds-
Wrap an old sock around your hand, use a little cleaner, and simply wipe
down the window blinds. Voila! Shining, dust free blinds.

5.Keep the RV dry- If there’s any one tip
that’s going to make your life as an RV owner easier, it’s this one. An RV
that’s consistently damp will attract bacteria and mildew, which will create
deeply embedded smells that are impossible to get rid of.

6.Skip formaldehyde-based treatments- These
treatments are bad for the environment and can cause damage if they get into
the sewer system. Your life will be a heck of a lot easier if you simply skip
these altogether and focus on the eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

7.Keep an eye on your tanks- Every RV has
two tanks–one for “gray” water and one for “black” water. Keep an eye on these
tanks to ensure that they’re regularly cleaned. Clean water tanks are essential
for everyday tasks in your RV, so it’s best to stay on top of them.

8.Vacuum regularly- You’d be surprised
how rarely RV owners vacuum! Most people only occasionally vacuum their cars;
others think that it’s a task best suited for living room carpets. But
vacuuming removes debris and helps keep surfaces dry, which is essential for
ensuring that your RV keeps its fresh smell.

9.Work in batches- If you’re using a
pressure washer to clean part of your RV, then plan on using the pressure
washer on other areas of your homestead that may need it. Working in batches
helps ensure you waste the least possible amount of time and money.

Don’t wait for rain. If
you think rain is going to keep your RV clean on the outside, you are in for a
rude awakening. Rainwater can be helpful, sure, but it doesn’t offer the deep
cleaning that RVs need to stay their best.

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