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The Ultimate Camping Bucket List


When you think campgrounds, KOA probably comes to mind as you can find KOA’s all over the United States. Well, thanks to our friends at KOA, they have put together an Ultimate Camping Bucket List! How many of these have you done?

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  1. Catch a trout (well any fish)-What’s camping in the great outdoors without doing some fishing? Every fisherman (or woman!) is looking for that big catch. And fishing is a great thing to do with kids. Take the video controller out of their hands and put a fishing pole in them and see what happens. Just remember to take a photo of your catch or it didn’t happen!
  2. Cook over an open fire-There’s nothing like stepping back in time and getting back to our ancestor’s roots by cooking on an open fire. Lots of campgrounds have a fire ring with a grate which will make it much easier. It’s also a great time to bust out that cast iron skillet. Get creative and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to cook over an open fire. And what a better way to cook that trophy fish that you caught!
  3. Build a fire without matches or a lighter-This one is not for the faint of heart, and it takes a ton of patience and persistent. But what better way to be the ultimate camper by starting your own fire without the aid of modern technology. You can do this by using a magnifying glass, flint and steel or the OG-rubbing a spindle against a baseboard route.
  4. Take a nap in a hammock-It sounds easy, but when you are camping, especially with kids, it’s not always easy to take a nap. But what could be better than putting up a hammock between two trees, crawling in and drifting off to sleep with the sounds of nature all around? We bet this will be the most relaxing nap you will have!
  5. Become a S’mores master-Did you really go camping if you didn’t have S’mores? It’s not just as easy as a toasted marshmallow, throwing some chocolate on there and putting it between two graham crackers. There’s a science behind the perfect S’more. You have to get the right ratio of chocolate, not too much, not too little. And then there’s the marshmallow. Do you lightly toast it or do you a catch it on fire and watch it burn? Finally, you have to put it all together and wait just a minute to give the chocolate time to melt. After that, you can take that glorious perfect bite. Want to try something different? Use a Reece’s Cup and make it even more delectable!
  6. Camp on a beach-Most people think camping and think woods, but let’s talk waves. There is something special about falling asleep to the sounds of the surf and waves and waking up to the smell of salt air and seagulls. Most beaches don’t allow camping but it’s definitely possible to find amazing coastal camping spots. Just make sure you clean everything off really well when you get home because salt water can wreak havoc on your gear! Consider investing in RV cleaners like RV sealant or RV caulk.
  7. Visit every National Park-there are currently 63 National Parks spread out over 29 states including Alaska and Hawaii. Visit all 63 and become a member of an elite club of people who have been to all 63!
  8. Navigate with a compass-It seems like every device these days has a GPS built in. But what happens when you don’t have service or your battery dies? It’s important to know how to navigate by compass. You also should brush up on your map reading skills! Plan a route and go enjoy nature without the electronics!
  9. See a meteor shower-With about 30 per year visible to us mere humans here on earth, camping in the great outdoors is the perfect time to see meteor showers! The best place to view these, and the Milky Way and constellations, is to go somewhere where there isn’t much light pollution. Never been really remote and looked up? It’s like a whole other world. You’ll be amazed at how different the sky looks without light pollution!
  10. Summit a mountain for Sunrise-Those late nights by the fire might make it more difficult to get up before the sun comes up. Then there’s the issue of hiking in the dark. But once you get to your destination, you will have views unlike any other. Be sure to have a flashlight or headlamp and, depending on where you are, warm clothes and something warm to drink as summits are usually much colder. And anyone who didn’t want to get up that early should be in charge of having breakfast made when you get back!

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