Tips for RV Maintenance and Restoration

Ah, the cheat sheet. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a
cheat sheet for all of life’s quandaries? A cheat sheet for things to say when
meeting your significant other’s parents, or maybe a cheat sheet for all of the
handiwork you’re expected to handle around the house?

Well, we can’t tell you what to say when you meet your
significant other’s parents, but we can
give you some great tips for making the maintenance and restoration of your RV
as smooth and easy a process as possible—all while saving money by avoiding
long-term expenses. There are no shortcuts here, but this cheat sheet is full
of the tips and products you’ll need to make your life as an RV owner a heck of
a lot easier.

Quick Maintenance Tips
Every RV Owner Needs to Know

Here are a few things the novice RV owner should know before
purchasing their first RV:

  • RVs in many respects are like cars. They require
    regular oil changing and maintenance. Underneath that hood is still an
    engine—an engine that requires some love and care if it’s going to last you for
    the long haul.
  • Replace the following items regularly: Air,
    fuel, coolant, and hydraulic filters. This helps to avoid even more costly
    damage should they break down.
  • Regularly inspect your roof, checking the seals
    and seams for leaks. Water damage isn’t pretty—and it isn’t cheap to repair,
  • Use biodegradable, RV-grade toilet paper. Enough
  • Keep an eye on your battery life, especially
    before a big trip. Your RV won’t get very far without it, and the typical
    battery has a shelf life of 3-5 years.

With this knowledge in mind, you should be able to avoid
many of the most common risks and pitfalls that unknowledgeable RV owners face.
But what about the exterior? We’ve got a few tips for ensuring that your RV looks good, too.

The Art of the
Restoration: Keeping Your RV Looking New

Some would say that keeping your RV looking good is more of
an art than a science. Perhaps. But like an artist, you need a working
knowledge of the fundamentals to truly excel:

  • Always be on the lookout for mildew. Mildew is a
    sure way to not only taint the appearance of your RV, but start affecting the
    smell. Remove it with a mildew remover as soon as you notice it—and, better yet, regularly check for mildew.
  • When cleaning, use a fiberglass-friendly wash. RV Life’s Suds offers the same
    amount of biodegradable cleaning without removing the wax from your fiberglass,
    which is a great way to ensure that your fiberglass looks good well into the
    future. Oh, and speaking of wax…
  • You’ll want a wax that offers UV
    protection while also restoring the shine of your RV. Applying this after each
    wash will help protect the exterior of your RV and give it the
    “just-off-the-lot” shine so many RV owners are after.

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