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Easy Solutions to Common RV Restoration Problems

As any RV owner will tell you, owning and maintaining an RV
is about more than keeping a full tank of gas and the oil changed regularly. An
RV is composed of a lot of material, and keeping that material looking fresh
and clean is only easy if you know how to maintain and repair your RV from the

Luckily, restoring your RV is not rocket science. There are
some easy solutions to the most common RV restoration problems. With a little
bit of time every month, you’ll be able to keep your RV looking like something
just driven off the lot—as long as you have the right tools and right

Problem: Oxidation
and staining.

Solution: For
someone new to the world of RV maintenance, a little oxidation can look like a
major problem. Really, any stain that doesn’t immediately come off after
washing with soap and water seems like an insurmountable obstacle.

The truth is, you only need a little RV
Fiberglass Rubbing Compound
for an issue like oxidation and staining on
your fiberglass. If your staining is light, it shouldn’t take long before you
notice the difference. If the problem is a little deeper, it might take some
scrubbing and rubbing—but you will still
see an improvement in the quality of your fiberglass after utilizing our RV fiberglass cleaner.

Problem: Rust.

Solution: A
little oxidation is different from out-and-out rust. If you have to deal with
rust on your RV, you could use a product like Git-Rust rust
converter. This will chemically convert the rust to a rust-free surface,
essentially priming it so it’s ready for a new coat of paint.

You’d be amazed at how quickly rust can come off of your RV
if you’re using the right products. But if you really want a finished look,
remember to repaint over the affected area with a matched paint. Anything else
will leave your RV with a “repaired” look rather than a “brand new” look. Even
though you are repairing your RV, you
never want to make the repairs obvious.

Problem: Dry rot.

Solution: Believe
it or not, you can use “Git”-Rot, which soaks into the wood, to handle some of the problems. What’s unique
about this product is that it utilizes a two-part liquid epoxy that saturates
and restores the wood by penetrating the rot. You can use this on loose rotted
fibers with the right application tool.

If you need to restore the wood in steps, side walls, and
roof areas, this product can do a lot to keep your wood in better shape. And
after leaving it to cure overnight, you should notice an immediate difference
in the quality of the woodwork on your RV.

An RV may look beat up, but that doesn’t mean it’s not
capable of being repaired and restored. All it takes is a little know-how, a
quick diagnosis of your problems, and the tools to restore your RV back to its
original strength. You’d be surprised at how discolorations can quickly be
resolved and freshly painted to give your RV a new, fresh look.

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