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Top 8 RV Gadgets

RV in the mountains

Top 8 Must-have RV Gadgets


Thanks to our friends at www.campervaniceland.com, they have compiled a list of the top 8 must have’s if you are going RV’ing. Check out the list!

  1. Transparent Sewer Tank Rinser- this gadget attaches to the RVs sewer outlet via fitting and allows a direct flow of water to rinse and flush the RVs sewer system. With this system, it has a 45° elbow which allows you to clearly see when the tank is flushed.
  2. Sewer hose support–this hose support is made of sturdy yet lightweight plastic and looks like a giant centipede when unfolded. It cradles your pipes and hoses without any straps needed. You can use it to curve around obstacles or even create a downward slope for better drainage.
  3. RV surge protector–when traveling all over the country, it’s impossible to know what other people’s electrical boxes or grids are hiding. Protecting your appliances and devices is essential. A RV surge protector will protect appliances from any dangerous highs or sudden surges. It automatically disconnects and then connects again when the levels normalize.
  4. RV leveling kit–these are essential if you want to ensure your RV is level at the campsite. They are not just useful when you’re camping on uneven ground, they’re useful when parking on an uphill or downward slope by keeping the car from potentially starting to roll backwards or forwards.
  5. Cell phone signal booster –when exploring remote parts of the country, you are going to come across dead areas. These signal boosters can boost the cell-tower signal more than 30 times, increasing your chances of staying connected. This is especially helpful if you break down or need help in a remote area.
  6. Double bar for your fridge–nobody wants the contents of their fridge spilling out while you are driving, or having it fall out when you open up your fridge after stopping. Taking only five seconds to install, these bars not just stop things from falling out but also stops them from moving and shifting while driving. Depending on the size your cupboards, these can also double for use there as well.
  7. Telescopic extension ladder–although some RVs do have built-in ladders, some tasks are not easy if you don’t have a well-positioned or portable ladder. Telescopic extension ladders are perfect when your space is limited. They are made from lightweight aluminum and fold for easy storage.
  8. Zero gravity chairs–who wants to sit in a boring camping chair, when you can basically have a light weight recliner at your fingertips to relax after a long day of driving, or just to sit and relax around the campfire. These are lightweight and fold almost flat for easy storage.

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