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Top 8 RV Gadgets

RV in the mountains

Top 8 Must-have RV Gadgets


Thanks to our friends at www.campervaniceland.com, we’ve got the top 8 must-haves for your RV adventures. Check out this essential list!

  1. Transparent Sewer Tank Rinser: This handy gadget attaches to your RV’s sewer outlet, providing a direct flow of water to rinse and flush your sewer system. With its 45° elbow, you can easily monitor the tank’s cleanliness.
  2. Sewer hose support: Made of sturdy yet lightweight plastic, this hose support resembles a giant centipede when unfolded. It cradles your pipes and hoses without the need for straps, making it a breeze to curve around obstacles or create a downward slope for better drainage.
  3. RV surge protector: While traveling across the country, you never know what electrical surprises other grids might hold. Protect your appliances and devices with an RV surge protector, which guards against dangerous electrical highs and sudden surges. It automatically disconnects and reconnects when the levels stabilize.
  4. RV leveling kit: These kits are essential for ensuring your RV is level at the campsite. They come in handy not only on uneven terrain but also when parking on uphill or downhill slopes, preventing your vehicle from rolling unexpectedly.
  5. Cell phone signal booster: When exploring remote areas, you’re bound to encounter dead zones. A signal booster can increase the cell-tower signal by more than 30 times, improving your chances of staying connected. This is especially valuable for emergencies or breakdowns in isolated locations.
  6. Double bar for your fridge: Keep the contents of your fridge secure during travel and when opening the door. These bars are easy to install and prevent items from falling out or shifting while driving. Depending on your cupboard size, they can also serve a dual purpose.
  7. Telescopic extension ladder: While some RVs come with built-in ladders, a portable option can be a lifesaver for certain tasks. Telescopic extension ladders are lightweight and fold for easy storage, making them perfect for limited spaces.
  8. Zero gravity chairs: Say goodbye to boring camping chairs and hello to lightweight recliners for ultimate relaxation. After a long day of driving or while enjoying a campfire, these chairs provide comfort and fold almost flat for convenient storage.

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