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Winter RV Prep

Rvs parked in Rv storage garage

As summer bids farewell and many of us prepare to store our RVs for the winter, there is a silver lining: it gives us time to plan for next season’s RV adventures. While we wait for Mother Nature to bring the cold, here are some valuable tips to help you with your RV maintenance during the winter.

Park It Where?

rv storage

If you lack garage space or a covered shelter for your RV (which is the case for most people due to the size of RVs), consider renting an RV storage unit. A quick online search will yield various options. Determine your storage unit requirements: Do you need a basic parking spot? Would a covered location suffice, or are you in search of a more advanced, fully enclosed option with heating capabilities? Opting for an enclosed space can provide peace of mind that your RV is safe and secure throughout the winter. If you have sufficient space at your residence, you might opt to cover your RV. A cover offers protection from snow and ice, but be aware that these covers are quite large, so you’ll need assistance when putting it on.

Essential Prep for Storage

If the aforementioned storage solutions aren’t feasible, you can still take steps to protect your RV during the winter. Start by applying a protectant, such as a RV wax, to your RV. Waxing before winter storage adds an extra layer of defense against the elements. Our LifeWax is an ideal product for this task. Additionally, ensure that you clean your awning fabric thoroughly. Allow it to dry completely before storing it, as this prevents stains and other issues from setting in during the winter.LifeWaxFor more RV maintenance tips and tricks, head over to our website, where you can explore our blogs covering various RV-related topics. Don’t forget to browse our product catalog while you’re there!

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