December 2015

Everything You Need to Know About RV Vinyl

When you
say “vinyl,” most people think about old records or car interiors; but it’s one
of the most frequently used materials in RVs as well–if you don’t believe us,
just have a look around yours. Knowing how to identify, handle, and clean vinyl
will be essential for maintaining your RV’s “brand-new” look. Where to Find RV VinylHow do
you […]

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How to Prevent Tracking Snow into Your RV

Most people who live in cold-weather climates know that winter
really isn’t so bad–so long as the winter stays where it belongs: outdoors. The problem? This is rarely the case, especially for RVs. Even
walking from your doorway to your RV can track an untold amount of snow with
your boots. With snow comes dirt, debris, dirty water, […]

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How to Care for Your RV Windshield this Winter

           Caring for your RV’s windshield is important because it
serves as the barrier between the driver and the road. If you don’t take care
of it, not only will your RV look dirty, but you’ll also lose a lot of visibility—especially
as winter storms roll around.Don’t wait for the winter storms to start. […]

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Too Much Mildew in Your RV? Avoid These Five Mil-Don’t’s

You know the smell.It’s that musty, unpleasant,
not-quite-humid-but-not-quite-right thickness in the air that tells you your RV
isn’t as clean as you might have thought it was. And worse yet, you have no
idea where the mustiness is coming from. Then you realize it: you’ve got
mildew.If you want to avoid this scenario and ensure that your RV
will be […]

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How to Protect RV Graphics in the Winter

Whether you have stripes, custom logos for your business,
flames, or custom designs that even we
can’t think of, your RV graphics are important to you, and expensive. Both of those
facts are reason enough to keep your RV graphics in great shape as long as you
can, which means protecting them even in the most daunting challenge most RV
owners […]

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