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How to Care for Your RV Windshield this Winter

           winterizing-your-rv.jpgCaring for your RV’s windshield is important because it
serves as the barrier between the driver and the road. If you don’t take care
of it, not only will your RV look dirty, but you’ll also lose a lot of visibility—especially
as winter storms roll around.

Don’t wait for the winter storms to start. Instead, arm
yourself with a few windshield care tips and make sure that your RV’s window to
the world is in pristine condition.

Your RV in Warm, Dry Conditions First

Use Suds to
get your RV clean and ready for winter—and make sure to thoroughly dry off your
windshield and the entire RV to avoid freezing water. If you’re not starting
off with a clean windshield this winter, you’re already behind.

in a Quality Pair of Windshield Blades

This one might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how
many people put this off until after the winter. Why? Windshield blade
replacements are one of the most inexpensive replacements you can make. Sure,
it might take a few minutes to shop around online and find the exact right size
for your RV, but you’ll be rewarded with fresh, new, higher-quality blades that
do a more thorough job of keeping off rain and snow.

Freezing Storms, Cover Your RV Windshield

If you’re willing to make the effort, you can completely
nip any “frozen over” windshield problem in the bud by protecting your
windshield with items like car blankets or rubber windshield pads. These covers
will completely eliminate the need to scrape off ice in the morning or wait for
the entire RV to heat up so that the ice will melt off the windshield. Granted,
most of us don’t want to head outside just before a freezing storm to prepare
the RV, but you have a basic choice when it comes to ice on your windshield: a
few ounces of prevention or a pound of cure.

Cracked Glass on Your RV

If any part of your windshield cracks, you might consider
covering it up with a pair of clear scotch tape and avoiding using defrosters.
Take the RV in for repair immediately. When you take off a windshield cover or
scrape off ice in the morning, try to inspect for any cracks as well—you’d do
better to identify the problem as soon as possible rather than driving around
with small cracks.

Your Mirrors Clear

Your windshield isn’t the only set of eyes you have on
your RV—your mirrors need attention, too. One of the most affordable
alternatives to scraping off ice from a mirror is to use a plastic grocery bag
and a rubber band. This keeps the ice off of your mirror, to be sure, and is
easily removed in the morning.

Drastic Changes in Temperature

Windshields can be sensitive to temperature changes, so
make sure that you don’t do anything extreme this winter like pour hot water on
a cold windshield—you want to heat up an RV windshield gradually, even if the
windshield is perfectly intact.

Winter is a challenging time for anyone with an RV, but it
only takes a few moments to prepare your RV for a tough chilly night. Keep your
eye on the weather, prepare your RV properly, and your windshield will be ready
for anything.

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