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How to Prevent Tracking Snow into Your RV


Most people who live in cold-weather climates know that winter
really isn’t so bad–so long as the winter stays where it belongs: outdoors.

The problem? This is rarely the case, especially for RVs. Even
walking from your doorway to your RV can track an untold amount of snow with
your boots. With snow comes dirt, debris, dirty water, and all sorts of
potential stains on your RV’s carpet. Sure, you could always do your best to
kick and wipe the snow from your boots every single time you enter your RV, but
admit it: sometimes, you just don’t feel like it.

So how do you prevent tracking snow into your RV in the easiest
way possible? Here are a few strategies that will help keep winter where it

#1: Defend the Point of

Because your RV’s entryway is quite literally the gateway
between the dry, warm environment of your RV and the winter wonderland outside,
it’s the most important place to protect your RV and ensure that visitors can
remove their shoes or boots while doing minimum damage to the carpet.

Look for microfiber doormats that advertise themselves as being
RV-friendly. Perhaps more importantly: measure out the size of your RV entryway
and make sure you secure a doormat that at least covers most of the entryway; it’s tempting to believe that your visitors
will keep their boots and shoes isolated to a small doormat, but in practice
this is rarely the case.

#2: Keep a Towel or
Brush Handy

Removing snow and debris from shoes and boots isn’t easy even
if you have a microfiber doormat ready to go; sometimes you have to reach down and
remove the debris yourself. Towels are a good start if you don’t have anything
else ready to go, but keep a sturdy brush with a long handle nearby and you
won’t constantly have to bend over while balancing on one foot to remove the
snow from your boots.

It’s also important to have a small plastic bin in which you
can place the brush so that any remaining moisture doesn’t get spread to the
carpet–after all, it would be a waste to go through all of that work and
simply let the brush track in the snow.

#3: Keep Cleaner Around

Even though you can go through all of the work listed above to
keep the snow at bay, one of the inevitabilities of winter is that you will track snow. That’s why you should
have RV cleaning products standing by: you’ll want to address the problem as
soon as it occurs. Remember that snow is not just snow; snow frequently
captures dirty water and other debris that can leave serious stains in your RV
carpeting if you’re not careful. By having the appropriate cleaner handy in
your RV for when this happens, you’ll be ready to spot-clean and keep your RV
as fresh and dry as though no snow had been brought inside at all. 

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