January 2016

How to Clean Stubborn RV Stains without Strain

Your RV is more than a place to travel and rest. It’s also
a point of pride. You take care to make sure that the fiberglass looks good,
that the windows are clean, and that your vinyl is well protected.That’s why it can be so darn frustrating when you develop
RV stains all around these areas—and why you […]

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Is Your RV Cleaning Kit Missing Something?

At one point, you likely put it together. You found some
cleaners, some restorers; you put it all in a box….and then forgot about it.
One day, you encounter an RV problem that you haven’t seen before and think,
“Wait! I still have my RV cleaning kit stored away. Let me check it…”Then, when you do, you’re disappointed […]

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Three Things You Need to Know About RV Fiberglass

So you’ve just bought your first RV, and at first it feels a
little bit like owning a big car. You drive it around, you wash it once or
twice, and you enjoy yourself. But eventually you find out that a significant
portion of your RV is constructed from large sheets of fiberglass. Now you’re
asking yourself a question […]

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How To Prepare Your RV For Another Great Year

With 2016
just around the corner, it’s fair to assume that you have a party on your mind.
And what better place to host a humble New Year’s party than in an RV, where
you can enjoy all of the sights and sounds of nature with the convenience of
comfort you’re used to at home?It sounds
like a good plan […]

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