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Is Your RV Cleaning Kit Missing Something?


At one point, you likely put it together. You found some
cleaners, some restorers; you put it all in a box….and then forgot about it.
One day, you encounter an RV problem that you haven’t seen before and think,
“Wait! I still have my RV cleaning kit stored away. Let me check it…”

Then, when you do, you’re disappointed to find out that your
“kit” isn’t really a complete “kit” after all.

Not to worry. With a few of our quick tips and links, you’ll
be sure to spot the gap in your kit and order a few key elements that will take
your RV kit from incomplete to comprehensive.

Know Your RV

If you want to make sure that you have all of the RV
cleaning accessories on hand all of the time, then you’re going to need to make
sure that you know all of the materials you’ll have to clean.

An RV isn’t a cast-iron skillet, after all. It’s made of
many different substances, some of which are harder to clean than others.
Knowing what kinds of materials require
extra cleaning supplies is just as important as knowing which materials are
present in your RV.

At a basic level, however, you should be able to identify
cleaners for the following materials:

  • Fiberglass:
    This is the material that many RV exteriors are crafted from. This is more and
    more common the newer your RV is.
  • Stainless
    If you have any stainless steel around your RV—and odds are that you
    do—then you’re going to have to remember that the word “stainless” can
    sometimes be a bit misleading.
  • Vinyl:
    Vinyl is one of the most popular forms of plastic around thanks to its
    versatility and its ability to help craft the interior of cars and RVs. Chances
    are, your RV is absolutely stocked with it.

If you’re unable to clean one of those surfaces because your
kit only includes soap and water, it’s time to upgrade.

Take Stock and

Now that you’ve looked around your RV to see what kinds of
materials you have to clean on a regular basis, it’s time to arm yourself:

  • VinyLIFEis essential for both cleaning and protecting vinyl. Since it
    doubles as both, cleaning stains and grease as well as offering UV protectant,
    you’ll save some space in your kit.
  • Fiberglass Powder Cleaner & StainRemoveris great for
    clearing out rust stains and other similar problems that come up with
    fiberglass—and since modern RVs use a lot of fiberglass, you’re going to need
  • RV Suds is a great general cleaner for when you have to deal with more
    versatile surfaces.
  • Stainless Steel RV Cleaner is easy
    to apply and will handle the most common stainless steel maladies in quick
  • Finally, you can acquire some general purpose Solvent & Cleaner to
    make sure you’re never short when you need to clean grease—even from your other
    tools and equipment.

It doesn’t take long to check up on your RV cleaning kit—or
even to upgrade your current one by filling in the blank on an item you’ve been
missing—and your reward is a clean, dry RV with no chemical stains or cleaner

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