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4 Reasons RV Designed Soap Needed

rv-cleaners.jpgSoap. Simple enough, right? If you’ve bought one soap,
you’ve bought them all. At least, so goes the conventional wisdom. The truth about soap, detergent, and cleaning products is
that different products work better for different surfaces. That’s why you have
more than just a “general cleaner” in your kitchen. It’s why you have a special
spray for your laptop screen. It’s why people buy dedicated cleaners for their
RVs, as well. And it’s why you should consider getting a Suds Quart for yourself as well.

Still don’t believe us? Here are some of the top reasons you
should get an RV cleaner that’s actually designed for RVs:

#1: RV Soaps
Should Avoid Stripping off Wax

When you use any old soap to clean your RV, you run the risk
of “cleaning off” the wax—the proverbial “throwing the baby out with the
bathwater.” Soap’s job is to remove debris and leave only cleanliness, after
all—it’s designed to remove a coat of
wax if you’re not careful to use the right kind of RV soap. And since you
worked so hard to make sure that your RV was well-protected with a coat of wax,
it’s important to wash with soap that doesn’t take away the manual labor you
did just a week before.

#2: Suds is
Biodegradable and Environmentally-Safe

If you grab any old cleaner in your garage so you can wash
your RV, guess what? That cleaner is going to end up all over your driveway,
your grass, your garden, your plants—you name it. If you’re going to spend a
lot of time rubbing down and rinsing off your RV, you want to know that when
your soap slides down the driveway, it’s not going to do damage to anything it
touches. You’ll need to go with a biodegradable, environmentally safe option in
order to keep your lawn safe.

#3: You Should
Safely Wash Painted Surfaces

We don’t have to tell you how annoying it can be to add a
fresh coat of paint to your RV, only to see the paint start scrubbing off the
first time you go to clean it. If you’re working with a harsh cleaner, it can
begin stripping off the paint right away. Instead of letting the soap get away
with its transgression, make sure that you use Suds so your paint remains safe
and unaffected.

#4: You Need
to Stay Organized

With a big label that has an RV on the front, RV Suds is
perfect for staying organized—there’s no question that this bottle of cleaner
is for your RV. When you mix and match your cleaners, refilling old bottles and
changing out the tops, you run the risk of losing track of which cleaner is
which. And that means the risk of doing damage when it comes time to wash your

An RV cleaner’s motto should be “do no harm.” Shop our dedicated
RV cleaning products that
will clean without damaging so you never have to worry about stripping off old
paint, wax, and the luster of your RV simply by cleaning it.

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