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5 Best Summer RV Trips In America


Admit it: summertime is the reason you got an RV in the
first place. Fresh air, open sky, and favorable temperatures make this the
ideal time to visit some of the best sites in America! But just one question
remains: what are the best sites to
see with your RV? Here are five of the best summer RV trips in America!

The Great Lakes

It’s too hard to choose just one! The Great Lakes are like
miniature freshwater oceans, providing endless opportunities for photography,
beach outings, and gorgeous summertime driving. Plus, since the Great Lakes are
situated in a cool climate, there’s no better time to visit than during the

The harsh northern winters give way to spectacular weather, and
the cities along the Great Lakes—including Milwaukee, Chicago, and Cleveland—come
alive with concerts and lakeside events you can’t find during winter.

great lakes

Blue Ridge Parkway

The National
Park Service calls the Blue Ridge Parkway
“America’s Favorite
Drive.” There’s a reason for that. Come summertime, this stroll through the
Appalachian mountains gives you some of the most idyllic possible views of
America’s first frontier.

Countless spots along the way make for ideal camping and
hiking destinations, which is perfect for RV owners who want to both drive and get outdoors and enjoy the fresh
air. From kayaking and fishing to pitch-perfect opportunities for spectacular
nature photography, Blue Ridge Parkway has all the makings of the perfect Summer
RV trips.

mountain lookout

Route 66

There may be no other path across America that makes such a
quintessential RV trip, especially considering the raw mileage that Route 66
can cover, running between Southern California all the way up to Illinois. If
you like fantastic southwestern scenery with a heavy helping of Americana along
the way, there may be no better way to get out and enjoy the freedom of an RV
than by checking out Route 66. And since the drive is so long, you’ll have the
flexibility to try it out at different points, even incorporating it into other
drives across the American southwest.

highway route 66

New England

Although there’s no specific route you have to take, New
England in the summer means discovering a combination of unique American
history along with spectacular scenic views. You can travel through Maine,
Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts—or simply enjoy one or two states at a
time for a more immersive experience.

The Black Hills

Like the Great Lakes, the Black Hills can get a little cold
in the winter, making summer the ideal combination of opportunity and
spectacular weather. You can see unique wildlife including bison herds, and you’ll
have access to Mount Rushmore—a worthy entry on any RV enthusiast’s bucket

mount rushmore

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