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6 Routine RV Maintenance Tips

RV driving on scenic road

If you’re an RV lover, you know how you’re going to spend a
free afternoon: working on the RV. And since it’s so rare to find a free
afternoon in your busy life, you decide that you want to make the most of it.
But how? We’ve put together a few tips for squeezing every ounce of juice from
your free afternoon to clean and maintain your RV.

Tip #1: Run the
If you’re using a gasoline generator, it’s important to remember
that gasoline has something of a “half-life.” It needs to be used and
replenished regularly, or else it starts to break down and lose its efficiency.
Heck, if you haven’t run the RV itself, you might want to take it out for a
spin just to keep things warm and fresh. This is particularly important if
you’re storing the RV in a cooler climate and haven’t checked on it in a while.

Tip #2: Have the oil
Like cars, RVs need their oil changed regularly to run at their
most efficient. Check your most recent oil change sticker to see if you might
be due; and even if you’re not quite
due, it might be worth it to use your free afternoon to have it done. Putting
it off can sometimes mean it doesn’t get done until months after you’ve
eclipsed your usual oil change due date.

Tip #3: Replace the
air, fuel, coolant, and hydraulic filters.
It’s not the most enjoyable
work, but it needs to be done if your RV is going to be its freshest and run
optimally. You might have these replaced while you’re out taking a spin, for
example. It’s also a good idea to have the breaks checked.

Tip #4: Check the
tire pressure and lug nuts.
Tire pressure is vital in an RV – the tires
carry so much weight, you’ll want to be sure that your tires and lug nuts are
where they need to be. You should also check on these when you’re preparing for
any extended RV trips.

changing an RV tire

Tip #5: Check your
Keeping your RV out under the rain means exposing it to potential
leaks. Checking the seals of doors, windows, and more will help you better
diagnose when something needs to be handled and sealed up – especially if you
have a dry day to take advantage of.

Tip #6: Clean!
With enough proper RV cleaning products at your disposal, you should be able to give your RV a clean sweep
so that it’s always ready for guests. Put on some music and go to town, knowing
that after you’re done, your RV will be looking its absolute best.

map of USA RV travel route

Once you’ve doubled checked every nut and bolt, your RV is ready for the open road. You can enjoy traveling in ease after spending a short afternoon completing a little bit of routine maintenance on your RV. Now all you have to do is map out your next big road trip and start planning your next adventure.

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