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Avoid These Common RV Cleaning Mistakes

As much as you love your RV, you don’t always love cleaning
it. If you’re like most RV owners, you want your cleaning efforts to be
consistent, sure, but not so intensive that you over-exert yourself. Heck, who wouldn’t want to spend most of their
time enjoying their RV rather than maintaining it?

The problem is when RV owners make mistakes when cleaning
their RV and end up doing more damage than good. It leads to more expenses,
more time spent, and more energy wasted. And when you factor in the funky
smells and unattractive blotches that come with bad cleaning, you’ll realize
that this all adds up to a lot less time actually enjoying your RV.

Let’s stop those mistakes so you can maximize your cleaning
dollar and get back to enjoying your recreational vehicle time:

Over-rinsing. If
you’re shampooing in the shower, it makes sense to give your hair a thorough
rinsing so that none of the suds are left over when it’s time to dry off. In an
RV, however, you don’t want any more moisture than is necessary to clean up.
Why? Because mildew thrives in a moist, damp environment. You don’t want mildew
because of its appearance, its smell—heck, everything about mildew should
basically be avoided as much as possible. That means keeping not only a clean
RV, but a dry RV.

How do you keep your RV dry? Be sure to keep fresh air
circulating through it frequently. When you clean the carpet, make sure that
vacuuming regularly is part of your routine. Vacuuming clears out debris and
doesn’t add to the moisture present in your RV. You’ll end up with an
environment that’s less friendly to mildew and other nastiness.

Using the wrong
Sometimes, a generic soap can strip off a wax job. Other times,
a household cleaner can do more damage to leather than good. Using the wrong
materials to suit the job is one of the most common mistakes people make in all of cleaning, let alone when it comes
to RVs. We recommend that you buy RV-specific
so that every time you clean your RV, you’re enhancing rather than
destroying. You’d be amazed at how long people can go on cleaning an RV, a
home, or a car without realizing that all of their efforts are going to waste.
Don’t be one of those people. Pick the right material to suit the task and your
RV will thank you for it.

Cleaning windows on a
sunny day.
Believe it or not, experts often recommend that you should clean
windows on a cloudy, cool day (no higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit). This applies
to cars and homes as well as RVs. The reason here is that the sun can dry out
your windows faster than you intended, leaving more marks than you might have
started with. And since your RV is usually left outside under the sun, it’s
especially important to pay attention to the weather when cleaning off your RV

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