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Best RV Parks On The Beach


Is there a better place to put your RV than near the water? Of course not. But whether or not you actually have a good time depends on the quality of the RV park you’re choosing. Here, we’d like to highlight some of the best RV parks on the beach in the United States!

North Landing Beach RV Resort & Cottages – Virginia Beach, VA

best beach rv parks - North Landing Beach RV Resort & Cottages – Virginia Beach, VA

You can tell just by the name that this RV park offers a lot. This park even adds cottage rentals for those who want to get out of the RV and experience something different. But even if you stick to the RV, there are plenty of amenities here to make the trip worth it, including WiFi, bird-watching, volleyball, a swimming pool during the summer season, a spa, and—well, do we have to go on? If this sounds more like a vacation resort than an RV park, then your instincts are correct.

Malibu Beach RV Park – Malibu, CA

best beach rv parks - Malibu Beach RV Park – Malibu, CA

This is another one that you can tell is a great park just by reading its name. But simply planting an RV park in Malibu isn’t enough to justify its position on this list. So why have we listed it here? For starters, this is a year-round park that contains plenty of amenities, including a game room, laundry, and even propane service to ensure that you have everything you need to enjoy a summer getaway. One word of warning: the WiFi access may be a bit limited, so plan this trip more as an excursion than a pit stop if you need to browse the web.

Beachside RV Park – Crystal Beach, TX

best beach rv parks - Beachside RV Park – Crystal Beach, TX

If the Gulf of Mexico is your destination, you might want to think about swinging by the Beachside RV Park in Crystal Beach, Texas. This well-reviewed park includes plenty of amenities, great access to fishing, and a quick jaunt over to the beach itself. It even offers RVs for rent if you simply want to go somewhere for the weekend and live the RV lifestyle. It currently features a high 4.7/5 rating on Google Reviews, making it one of the top-reviewed destinations on this list.

Camp Gulf Holiday Park – Miramar Beach, FL

best beach rv parks - Camp Gulf Holiday Park – Miramar Beach, FL


From cable TV to tent camping, Camp Gulf Holiday Park has a little bit of everything for the frequent RV traveler, making it a top vacation spot as well as a destination for anyone who makes RV traveling a veritable lifestyle. Located in the Florida panhandle, the location here also makes for easy access.

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