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Best RV Parks In Northern California


Featuring vast open spaces and some of the best wilderness in the entire country, Northern California is considered RV region. You have to add a trip to the best RV Parks in Northern California to your bucket list! But which parks are truly the best? And how will you know where to find them? We have a few recommendations when you’re heading to Northern California!

Pioneer RV Park

If your trip is taking you close to the Sierra Nevadas, a great park to stop at in the eastern portion of the state is Pioneer RV Park. It features a secluded location that keeps you free from the noise of the road, while still offering modern conveniences like free Wi-Fi throughout.

Given its location, it makes an ideal place to park your RV in the summer, particularly if you’re planning an RV trip out west. Between the boating, the lake/stream fishing, and hiking access to the Pacific Crest Trail, outdoor fanatics will find plenty to do here.

Keep in mind that although California is associated with warm weather, Northern California can be a bit cooler in the winter months than you might expect, particularly at higher elevations. Average highs in December and January might be above freezing, but they likely won’t break 50 degrees Fahrenheit. During the warmer months and into October, however, it makes for a comfortable stop-off spot if you’re coming over from Nevada.

Caspar Beach RV Park

Are you looking for a truly brand new experience? Caspar Beach RV Park—also known as Westport Beach—features ocean-view cottages, log cabins, drive-through sites for RVs, and park-in group sites if you’re going to bring your fellow RV owner along! With 341 reviews on Google, the campground receives an average of 4.5 stars. That may be because this is one of the best locations to park in if you want a great view of the sunset in Northern California.

BigFoot Campground and RV Park

BigFoot Campground and RV Park is another fantastic destination you need to visit. This campground is located in a secluded part of northwest California, up towards Oregon. Not only is this a great campground for RV enthusiasts, but it also features cabins for anyone else making their way through California.

Railroad Park Resort

Another highly-rated entry on Google (averaging 4.6 in reviews) is Railroad Park Resort. It’s located in upper Northern California and offers plenty of amenities to enjoy. Take advantage of the full hookup RV sites that will provide you with everything you need to remain comfortable, even deep within the wilderness!

Preparation and Packing is Key

The next time you plan a trip to the best RV parks in Northern California, don’t forget to pack everything you need to keep the trip comfortable, including some preventative measure. Be sure to purchase RV sealants and restoration products from RV by LIFE to ensure your RV is always ready for the journey. We look forward to helping you prepare for your next adventure!

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