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Best RV Routes: 5 Great Ways to See The Sites

Five RV Routes That Will Show You the Best Sites in America

We at RV by LIFE like
to talk about taking care of your RV. But the point of taking care of your RV
is to enjoy it, as well. And we’d
like to take a break from the usual advice for RV care by offering you some
options for getting the most out of your RV and venturing down some
visually-stunning tracks across America.

Specifically, we’d
like to introduce you to a few RV routes that will show you beautiful and
noteworthy sites. Obviously there are too many to count here, but each of these
RV routes includes enough sites to make your next road trip something special and

California: North and South

There’s no state
quite like California, is there? It’s a unique ecological environment that’s as
varied as the beaches of San Diego to the Redwood trees of northern
California—with plenty in between. You can check out Yosemite National Park on
one end of California and forget that you’re even in California! A trip from
north to south or south to north California is a great way to see much of the
nature of which the geography of the United States is capable—and there’s
plenty of Pacific coastline on the way that will open up your horizon, as well.

The Ideal American Road Trip

If you really want to
pin us down and ask if there’s one road trip we could schedule that would give
you as much American variety as possible, it’d be this one: St. Louis to Los
Angeles. You can even add your own hometown—Detroit, Milwaukee, or
Chicago—easily to this itinerary. Depart from St. Louis, go to the Mark Twain
National Forest, go down to Texas and New Mexico to experience the beauty of
the southwest, and make your way to Los Angeles by way of the Grand Canyon.

The Florida Loop

The state of Florida
is home to some unusual geographic sites—and some interesting historical sites
as well. If you’re in the south, we recommend a road trip that takes you
through Florida. Don’t be afraid to make the trip last a while by making it a
full loop—you can check out Cape Kennedy on one side and explore the famous
everglades on the other. It’s just a quick jaunt through Alabama and
Mississippi over to New Orleans, as well.

The Great Lakes

There may be no
better way to experience the full range of what the Midwest has to offer than
by trailing the Great Lakes. The loop around Lake Michigan will expose you to
Milwaukee and Chicago. You can head up to the Upper Peninsula or head the other
way toward Detroit, as well. The scenery is surprisingly spectacular and the
Great Lakes jaunt will be a great way to experience some new American cities
and culture.

The Rockies

Devil’s Tower, Mesa
Verde, Yellowstone, Grand Teton—the Rocky Mountains are host to a number of
national monuments and parks. There’s really too much scenery here to recommend
any specific site, so create one of your own that takes you down the
well-traveled paths of the Rockies and you’ll be sure to score some major

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