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Best Way To Clean A Camper Awning

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Your camper awning is one of the most valuable tools on your
entire camper. By giving you shade and protection from the rain, it adds hours
to the day in which you can enjoy your RV, giving you more return on your investment.
As such, you’ll need to learn how to take care of it the right way without
breaking your back. Here is the best way to clean a camper awning.

Step One: Prep Your

The best way to get a thorough cleaning of anything on your RV is to take the time
for adequate preparation:

  • Fully
    extend the awning.
    If you keep the awning even partially closed, you’re not
    going to get the extension you need. Instead, the awning will remain bunched
    up, making it much more difficult to clean.
  • Put on
    some dirty clothes.
    Cleaning can involve dirty water falling on you—as well
    as cleaning products. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Consider
    renting some equipment.
    You don’t have to rent equipment to clean your
    awning, but a spray washer (you don’t need to go the high pressure route for
    your awning) will extend your reach and make life a lot easier. It’s a handy
    tool to have for all camper and RV cleaning purposes, so if you don’t own one
    already, this might be the time to buy as well.

Step Two: Cleaning
The Awning

Once you’ve adequately prepped your awning, you’ll need to
know some best practices for washing it:

  • Use the
    right cleaner.
    A general RV cleaner like RV Suds is a great place
    to start. If you’re using a spray washer, you’ll want to mix in plenty of water
    with the soap of your choice, so don’t be afraid to be generous with the water.
    Much of the work of cleaning your awning will be in clearing out debris.
  • Use
    Do you have to get up on a ladder and scrub your awning by hand?
    Not if you want to maintain your sanity. It’s far better to use the force of
    gravity, working top to down as you spray. Spray the detergent on both sides,
    working top-down.
  • Let your
    awning sit for a while before rinsing.
    Some experts recommend retracting
    your awning to avoid drying out and allowing time for the soapy water to work
    into its fibers. Either way, wait about fifteen minutes before rinsing off your
    awning. Then rinse, once again working top down to ensure that the water
    carries away debris and what’s left of the soap.
  • Dry
    Here’s the step most awning cleaners miss. Leave your awning
    extended so it can dry out in the air. This will help ensure minimal staining
    and that your rinse has a chance to dissipate into the air.

That’s it! Cleaning a camper awning doesn’t have to be a
major hassle, particularly when you have the proper know-how and a few of the
right products. Check out more of our RV cleaners here at RV by LIFE
to make cleaning your RV easy.

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