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Black Streak Remover: How to Clean Your RV Exterior

black streaks on RV

Of all the potential problems that plague RV owners, black
streaks might be the most frustrating. They’re stubborn, they’re unsightly, and
even worse, they’re difficult to clean. Fortunately, if you have the right RV cleaning products and are willing to find the right one for your RV, you can make quick work of even
the most stubborn black streaks. Here’s how.

Don’t Make These RV
Black Streak Mistakes

Black streaks can be alarming for many RV owners, which
means RV owners often want to take action before they have all of the facts. Before
we tell you what to do, it’s important to spend a few words on what not to do.

First, what causes these black streaks? Everyone has their
theories, but what most people agree on is that rainwater has a way of
spreading around pollutants and black debris when running down the sides of
your RV. When the water evaporates, the pollutants don’t, leaving your RV with those
characteristic and unsightly black streaks.

Next, what do people do wrong? Here’s what you don’t want to do:

  • If a
    cleaning product starts wearing through your paint, stop using it.
    Too many
    RV owners are so passionate about removing the black streaks on their RV that
    they forget about the RV that’s underneath the black streaks. If you notice the
    paint is starting to wear because of a cleaning product, move on to the next
  • Don’t
    ignore the black streaks on your RV.
    Don’t believe that the black streaks
    are going to be so difficult to get rid of that they’re just part of the
    “normal wear and tear” of using an RV. They’re not. You might have to accept some
    of the facts of life as your RV ages, but when it comes to black streaks, there
    are steps you can take.

Find the Right Black
Streak Cleaning Products

Getting rid of black streaks is all about finding the right
product for your RV’s surface. Experiment with a few different ones to see
which is the easiest to apply as well as the most effective. And again, make
sure it doesn’t damage any paint underneath while you’re cleaning.

Start with RV Fiberglass Rubbing Compound. This removes oxidation and stains, which means
RV black streaks should be no match for the very fine abrasive properties of
this compound. It also helps prepare the surface of your RV for waxing—and
that’s good, because our next product to try is…

Fiberglass Powder Cleaner & Stain Remover. This heavy duty cleaner is designed specifically for fiberglass and is perfect for removing black streaks as well as rust stains and other scuff marks. Once you apply, you can simply wash clean with fresh water. With a clean surface, it’s time to make sure that your RV stays clean and protected from the elements. That means it’s time to apply…

Some RV owners have had success with rubbing in a bit of cleaning/protecting
wax with a simple white towel. Although it’s not the only cleaning product you
should have handy to deal with problems like these, you’d be surprised at what
wax can do to keep your RV clean. And don’t forget to substitute Graphix Wax when you’re
cleaning black streaks off of your custom RV graphics.

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