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Buying An RV To Live In – What To Look For


You want to make an investment in your living situation that
will give you freedom, flexibility, and—perhaps most importantly—frugality.
Buying an RV to live in might fit the bill. But how do you know which RV will be the ideal match? Here’s
what you should look for before you sign on the dotted line.

The Basics: What Your
Live-In RV Needs To Have

When considering buying an RV to live in, start with the
most essential aspects of owning a live-in RV:

  • Engine
    and running quality.
    Your RV might look like a luxury home, but if the
    engine itself is no good, it’s a bit like buying an empty house with no
    outlets. In other words, the “mobile” aspect of “mobile home” will be gone.
    These can turn into money pits if you want to repair them, which is why it’s better
    to be sure about the quality of the engine and how the RV runs before you make
    a purchase.
  • Efficiency
    of space.
    Is the RV designed for living, or only for brief camping
    excursions? You need to be sure that all the essential living comforts you
    need—bathroom, shower, kitchen, etc.—are included and incorporated with great
    efficiency of space so that you’ll have the freedom to move around.
  • Plumbing.
    There may be no system more essential than plumbing. Make sure it’s running
    well and that you understand how RV plumbing works before you take the plunge.
  • The right
    RV for your budget and lifestyle.
    Match your purchase with your specific
    lifestyle needs. It might be tempting to buy a large, Class A RV—but can you
    get by with a moderate Class C and have it fit your budget?

With these essentials in mind, let’s look into the details
that matter most to you.

The Details: What You
Only Notice When Living In An RV


When you live in an RV, you start to notice the little
details that you wouldn’t otherwise notice. Those details can add up over time
to add a lot of comfort to your life—or take away from it. It’s important to
get them right when buying an RV to live in.

  • Storage.
    Does your RV have ample storage room? Cleverly-designed RVs can incorporate
    storage into furniture and other spaces to maximize the convenience of your
    storage without interfering with the flow of the living space.
  • Furniture/furnishings.
    Is the furniture highly durable and made from materials that are easy to clean?
    If not, you’ll find that you can wear out furniture quickly living in an RV.
  • Power and
    other systems.
    You might be able to go without adequate plumbing on a
    camping trip, but living in an RV is a different story. Electrical
    power—including whether or not you might want to invest in solar panels—is
    another concern. Make sure you have the systems in place to live comfortably.
    Otherwise, you might be looking at additional investments to bring the RV up to

Maintaining Your RV

So, you’re confident you’re prepared for buying an RV to
live in. But what about after your purchase? Cleaning and maintaining an RV properly
can extend its life—and the life of your investment. Browse all of our RV cleaning products to ensure
that your next living space is as pleasant and comfortable as it can be!


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