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Camper Decorating Ideas To Make Your RV Feel Like Home

inside of camper

They say that home is where the heart is. And that’s true.
But home is also where you most feel
at home. And you aren’t about to feel at home in an empty camper. That’s why
we’ve put together some RV decorating ideas to help you take that feeling
of “home” with you wherever you go.

Pick A Theme

If you look around your own home, you likely notice a theme—even
if you didn’t intend it. You don’t want a hodgepodge of random items from your
garage here. You want some consistency. It doesn’t matter so much what your theme is. What really matters
is that you pick one and work from there. If you need some theme RV decorating
ideas, here are a few popular ones:

  • Nautical.
    Giving your camper the feeling of a “yacht on land” can be fun—a little like
    having a portable beach house.
  • Rustic.
    A favorite street sign on the wall, animal patterns, and some classic lighting
    can have a major impact.
  • World
    Some people cover their walls with maps and highlight the places
    they’ve been. That’s perfect for the mobile RV lifestyle!
  • Country
    If you ever wanted a cabin in the woods, consider your RV a
    miniature version of that—with wheels!

These are just a few suggestions. There are plenty more you
can brainstorm. But before you go out and buy any decorations, make sure you
have a general idea of how you want your camper design to end up.

Decorating Your Interior

Once you have a theme in mind for your camper decorating
ideas, it’s time to get started. But what’s the next step? If you’ve decorated
a living room before, you know the basic process: fill the empty spaces, stick
to a theme, and use your space wisely. But our goal here is making your space
feel more like home. Here are the tips you’ll need to accomplish that:

  • Use
    contrasting or accenting colors.
    A simple red throw pillow on a white sofa
    will fill some of the visual emptiness of the white, making the interior of
    your camper feel more “lived in.”
  • Bring in
    a few cozy items.
    A throw blanket around the house is no big deal—a simple
    accent item. In the camper, it will feel like something else entirely, a little
    piece of home.
  • Organize
    like it’s your home.
    A spice rack, for example, is a great way to enjoy
    RV-cooked meals with maximum flavor without using up any additional counter
  • Ornaments
    are okay.
    Maybe you don’t think that a plant or a less-than-utilitarian
    decorative item will help, but you’d be surprised. Try to think of decorating
    your camper as you would decorate a single room in your home.
  • Keep it
    A dirty RV might feel “lived in,” but it will give you a much more
    pleasant home-like feeling if it’s clean.

Keep Your Camper

To that last tip—we at RV by LIFE can help. We have a range
of camper cleaning products
you can use to maintain a high-quality RV, just as you’d clean at home. Of course,
an RV’s materials are different, which is why it’s so critical to get the right
stuff. Combine a clean camper with your decorating touch and you’re sure to
feel at home!

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