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Camper Fiberglass Repair Guide & Recommended Products

Your camper or RV is more than just the sum of its
fiberglass. But without clean, sealed fiberglass, you’re not going to have the
fun time in the great outdoors you deserve. That’s why we’ve put together this
camper fiberglass repair guide and included a few recommended products to help
you keep your camper’s fiberglass in top shape.

Repairing &
Sealing Small Fiberglass Leaks

Let’s be clear: there is no “small” fiberglass leak.
Fiberglass problems are serious and need to be addressed as soon as you
identify them. Otherwise, you expose your camper to all sorts of unnecessary problems, such as long-term damage, water issues, or simply costing yourself money
down the road.

For small fiberglass issues, you can usually find a
“Fiberglass repair kit” that will handle a wide variety of problems. You can
find many of the elements of such a kit on our RV sealants products page.
Utilizing key steps such as cleaning and drying the area, removing debris,
sanding down the areas upon which you’ll apply the sealant, and applying the
sealant are familiar to many who have worked with fiberglass before. But what
if more is needed?

Major Camper
Fiberglass Repair Needs

The key here is making an accurate diagnosis. You have to
have an idea how to measure your fiberglass issues in money. But what does that
mean exactly? Let’s say that a small fiberglass kit costs you less than a
professional repair. Easy enough to figure, right? But what if your small
fiberglass kit won’t handle the issues in your camper fiberglass, leading to
long-term problems that require professional repair anyway? It’s at least worth
speaking to an expert to get an idea of what kind of damage you’re looking at.

Products For Better
Fiberglass Repair

We have RV
on standby for your cleaning, sealing, and restoration needs. Here
are a few of our recommendations for camper fiberglass repair:

  • Safety kit.
    Any time you attempt to repair your camper yourself, you’re going to want to
    look out for personal safety. Include dust masks, eye protection, and nitrile
    gloves for some basic protection whenever you plan on working directly with
  • Sealants.
    An effective fiberglass sealant should be designed explicitly for that
    material. Our Silicone/Polyurethane
    fits the bill. With high adhesion and low corrosion, this is exactly
    what you’ll need to repair your fiberglass and ensure that the quality of your
    repair lasts beyond the season.
  • Cleaners.
    A repair is never complete unless you can effectively clean the area. That’s
    why our RV cleaners are such
    a high priority here at RV by LIFE—they help clear the affected area for the
    best possible repair.

Want to find out more about camper repair and sealing? Keep
browsing RV by LIFE and exploring our products to find the right matches for
your needs.

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