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Camper Roof Sealant Products


It’s raining outside, but you’re not worried. Your camper
will keep you comfortable and cozy. Then, you hear a drop. And a second drop.
Soon, you realize that you’re facing one of the worst nightmares of any camper
owner: a leak. Fortunately, a leak does not have to be a permanent problem—not
if you use the right camper roof sealant products. Let’s look at a few
available here at RV by LIFE to see which ones might make the ideal match for your roof!

Finding The Right
Camper Roof Sealants

Don’t use just any camper roof sealant products when you try
to repair your camper. You’ll want to effectively pair the sealant with the job
at hand. We have a few tips for making that happen effortlessly:

  • Match the
    sealant to the roof material.
    This is roof sealant 101. You need to first
    know what material your camper roof is made from, and then pick the sealant to
    match it. To get an idea of the different possibilities here, we recommend browsing our
    RV sealants
  • Read
    labels carefully.
    The labels of reach roof sealant will give you an idea if
    you need to do precise matching or if you can apply this sealant with
    confidence on a range of materials. You should also pay attention to the specific
    instructions when it comes to the sealant curing. Without an effective cure,
    your sealant won’t adhere properly, which can only make your work more
    difficult down the line. Do a little bit more homework upfront so that you have
    to do less work in sealing the camper
    roof in the future.

With these two tips in mind, you’ll be ready for the next
step: selecting the right products for your roof.

Sealant Products For
Protecting Your Roof

Once you know how to find the right sealant, it’s time to
browse the individual camper roof sealant products for your specific roof. Here
are a few suggestions from RV by LIFE:

  • Silicone/Polyurethane:
    This combination is formulated especially for fiberglass roofs. It will adhere
    to metal, glass, and wood as well. It’s also effective at sealing joints that
    still have to move—which is important for campers.
  • Polysulfide:
    Bonding to fiberglass, wood, metal, glass, and even itself, polysulfide is a
    versatile sealant that can be effective as part of your sealing kit—especially
    if you’re not quite sure what you need to seal yet. Strong adhesion and waterproofing
    will help ensure that the seal stays
    sealed for a long time.
  • Silicone
    : This “all-purpose” sealant can handle plastic, fiberglass,
    metal, and wood, which makes it a great purchase for any new camper owner who
    isn’t quite sure which sealant they’ll need yet—just that they want to keep one
    handy. It ends up creating a strong, flexible seal that adds durability to your

Keeping your camper roof healthy means keeping the rain out
and preventing further damage. It also means knowing your sealants. We
encourage you to check out every RV cleaning and maintenance product
here at RV by LIFE to ensure that your camper is properly cared for.

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