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Cleaning The Outside Of Your RV – Tips & Products


You take care to keep your RV tidy. You vacuum the carpet,
you wipe down the upholstery, and you keep it clear of mold. But what about how
your RV looks on the outside? Will simple soap and water suffice, or does your
RV need more to look its best for years to come? Here’s everything you need to
know when cleaning the outside of your RV.

Matching The Product To
The Material

It might be “frugal” to use the same old soap and water you
use for your car, but are you really saving money in the long run? Even a
simple investment in Suds
can represent an environmentally-safe investment in the quality and cleanliness
of your RV exterior.

But let’s go beyond that. When cleaning the outside of your
RV, it’s important to know that it’s not made of one single thing. It’s made of
specific materials that need specific attention. Your job is simple. Match the
cleaner to the material for which it’s designed. Here are some products you’ll

  • Fiberglass
    Rubbing Compound
    . This “very fine” formula is great for removing oxidation
    and stains—something that ordinary soap and water won’t accomplish with
    fiberglass. That means you’ll be able to restore more of the original luster to
    the outside of your RV with a quick and easy application. If you need to use a
    lot, consider Fiberglass
    Powder Cleaner & Stain Remover
  • Graphix Wax. Yes, wax.
    Though this is designed primarily for protecting the quality of your custom
    graphics, the wax itself can be used to clear out debris and eliminate stains. If
    you’re nervous about putting any foreign chemicals on your custom graphics, you
    have the right instinct: you don’t want to do that. Instead, stick with the
    products designed to keep these expensive additions looking their best.

Making The Most Out Of
Your Cleaning Session

As important as it is to maintain an RV exterior, we get it:
you’re busy. You have better things to do with your time than labor over your
RV exterior. That begs a new question: how do you maintain your exterior while
getting the most bang for your buck? How can you use products to give you the
longest lasting protection? We suggest pairing the following items:

  • Life
    . Like Graphix Wax, Life Wax will leave a solid layer of protection from
    UV rays, limiting the damage the sun will do to your RV’s color. That’s
    important, of course, but what you’ll really love is what comes next.
  • PolyShine.
    When used in conjunction with Life Wax, this will leave a quality exterior with
    protection lasting up to three years. That means you can spend more time
    focusing on your RV interior, or simply enjoying the RV itself.

Find More Great RV
Cleaning Products

The combination of knowledge and RV-specific products will
ensure that you don’t spend too much time cleaning the outside of your RV. Just
stick with what you read above, make sure you have the right cleaning products, and you’ll
maintain a fantastic look to your RV that’s sure to last for years on end. 

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