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Use These Decluttering Tips To Keep Your RV Clean

inside of rv

Decluttering is considered an “art” by some, and for good
reason. It’s not easy to keep a living space spot-free and devoid of the
general clutter that seems to add up over time. But your RV is a special place,
and for that you’ll want to make sure that you employ some RV-specific tips
from the art of de-cluttering to ensure that you take good care of your
favorite vehicle:

Tip #1: Have some
respect for what you own.

“Respecting your belongings” is way up there on the list of
how to de-clutter because it’s fundamental to everything you do for your RV. Do
you want your RV to live a long time? Do you want it to be dry and clean? Do
you want it to smell fresh? Then you’ll have to take care of it, the same way
you’d take care of a plant by ensuring it has enough sunshine and water.

In the case of RVs, however, you’ll want to make sure that
your cleaning supplies are appropriate. You can start by browsing our list of RV cleaners to find the right
cleaners for your RV’s upholstery, fiberglass, and more.

Tip #2: Throw out
what you don’t need.

There’s a tendency among cleaners to go through their
belongings and say, “I might need this one day,” even if they really won’t.
There’s a phrase for this: excessive nostalgia. True, most RV cleanings will
only result in you removing trash, bags, and similar items from your RV. But if
you leave it cluttered long enough, you might find a few items that you’re not
as willing to part with. If you don’t truly need them, then you shouldn’t have to keep them. Your RV is a way to
travel, after all—and if you’re going to pack light, you’re going to have to
make a few sacrifices.

Tip #3: Keep a tidy

There’s nothing more frustrating to fellow RV owners than to
see an RV that hasn’t been taken care of. You’ll need to keep the fiberglass
exterior looking clean and shiny, too—even if it doesn’t correspond directly to
your RV’s inner clutter. Use RV
Fiberglass Rubbing Compound
to get the most difficult spots and to ensure
that you’re using a cleaner that’s actually meant
for fiberglass.

Tip #4: Keep a
general cleaner handy. 

It’s not enough to maintain your RV once in a while—it will
be a great idea to keep some general

cleaner like this Suds Quart in order to address
messes as soon as they happen. If you need to de-clutter right away and clean up after a spill, you’ll want
something like Suds waiting around so you don’t have to clean it up later—after
a stain has set in.

Tip #5: Keep it up.

Once you’ve successfully gone through your RV
for a good de-cluttering, it will be tempting to rest on your laurels and not
do it again. But try to keep up the good work. The instant clutter starts to
infringe upon your living space again, do away with it. Not only will this
reduce the amount of time you have to spend in your long “de-clutter” sessions,
but it will help promote peace of mind.

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