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Diesel RV Maintenance Schedule

You know that old saying in medicine: an ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure? It extends to diesel RV maintenance too. In fact,
making a major investment in a Diesel RV isn’t a good idea if you can’t spare a
few moments now and then to make sure that it’s running at its very best. But
if it sounds like a chore, don’t fret. A diesel RV maintenance schedule can
help to make the work quick and easy.

With so many different parts—each of which requiring their
own maintenance needs—it can be difficult to make sense of it all. That’s why
we’ve ranked your priorities by the frequency with which you should maintain them.
Use this simple diesel RV maintenance schedule to keep your RV in tip-top

Short-Term Diesel RV
Maintenance (Up to Once Per Year)

What needs to be looked at as soon as convenient? Let’s take
a look:

  • General inspection
  • Engine oil level inspection
  • Transmission fluid level inspection
  • House batteries (every two weeks). Only add
    distilled water when it’s needed
  • Tire air pressure set at the proper PSI (every six
  • Regular oil changes. Lube chassis at every oil
    change—or make sure that the oil change includes this

Short-term maintenance should include regular inspections to
ensure that other maintenance isn’t needed right away.

Medium-Term Diesel RV
Maintenance (One to Two Years)

This is where most of the work in RV maintenance is done.
Even if you use your RV less, it’s important to perform all yearly maintenance
routines at least once per year.

  • Change oil and air filter once per year, or up
    to 7,500 miles
  • Change fuel filters every year, or up to 12,000
  • Change air dryer filter (yearly)
  • Change Lube slack adjusters (yearly)
  • Change water filter (yearly)
  • Change hydraulic oil filter (yearly)—top off the
    system if necessary
  • Change oil and filter on the generator (per 100
    hours and once every year)
  • Change generator fuel filter (yearly)
  • Check coolant conditioner in the engine and in
    the generator (yearly)
  • Change transmission filter (every other
    year)—top off the fluid level as needed

If you’re ever in doubt, consult a mechanic for advice on
the annual maintenance your diesel RV needs.

Long-Term Diesel RV
Maintenance (Longer than Two Years)

Some maintenance is no less important but can be extended
over a longer period:

  • Pack your wheel bearings every three years or up
    to 25,000 miles
  • Change engine coolant (every four years)
  • Replace belts and hoses (every four years)
  • Change generator belt (every four years)
  • Service differential (up to 75,000 miles; may
    take less time)

Of course, regular diesel RV maintenance isn’t only about
sticking to a schedule. It’s also about getting the right RV products needed to
help it look and perform its best—while making the job easier for you. Browse
through our RV cleaning and
maintenance products
to ensure your RV looks as good as it runs. With
enough time and careful attention, your RV can perform its best for years to

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