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DIY RV Repair – 5 Common Problems & Solutions


Your RV has an issue that needs resolving, but you’re not
sure if you can shell out the extra cash for professional repairs. The good
news: it’s possible that you can handle the repair yourself. Here are five
common RV problems along with some DIY RV repair tips to help you take care of
the issue.

Problem #1: A Leak In
The Roof

A leaky RV roof can lead to water damage, temperature
problems, mold, and a host of other problems. Luckily, this sort of leak can be
easy to fix with the right materials.

Solution: RV Sealants.
A sealant like our Silicone
Rubber Sealant
will adhere to fiberglass, metal, plastic, and wood,
giving it a wide range of versatility across different RV materials. With a
properly sealed RV roof, you can count on enhanced protection from the elements
and an end to the leaking problems that may have affected the rest of the RV.
For more DIY RV repair tips for your roof, be sure to check out Roof Leak Repair Guide.

Problem #2: Dry
Rotted Wood

Dry rot can be vexing for anyone who has to work with wood
in their RV—especially since it can be so hard to reach.

Solution: Git-Rot® RX for
Dry Rot Kit
. This two-part liquid epoxy can penetrate the rot of the
wood through capillary action, allowing it to get to the places you can’t. This
kind of solution is ideal for dry rotted would you otherwise wouldn’t know what
to do with. And once the solution has cured, you can still sand, paint, and
drill the wood itself. For more tips, see our RV
Dry Rot Guide

Problem #3: Mildew

Anyone who’s ever dealt with mildew before knows just how
serious a threat it can pose to the comfort and quality of an interior
environment. That’s just as true for RVs as it is for private homes.

Solution: Mildew
. Why not just soap and water? Because mildew is a special
case. Eradicating mildew will work best with a chlorine-free, acid-free
solution that can help control the odor of the underlying materials, but also
be safe for fabrics within the RV. For more DIY repair tips, see our RV
Mildew Guide

Problem #4: Stuck-On

This may seem like the least of your problems, but in some
cases, you can’t effectively seal or repair your RV without first cleaning and
clearing the area.

Solution: Release®
Adhesive and Sealant Remover
. This product is your go-to remover for
eliminating adhesives and stickers as well as cured sealants and left-on glue.
This is an essential tool for your RV cleaning kit that will make it possible
to clean an area to effectively repair dings, paint scratches, and more. It’s
vital to have a tool like this handy to ensure that the first step of any RV repair process goes by smoothly.
This tool can also get rid of black marks on the slide-outs left by rubber
gaskets. For more help, see our guide on How
To Remove RV Stickers & Decals

Problem #5: A Ding In
The Fiberglass

Fiberglass issues can be troubling for an RV owner,
especially when they damage an otherwise pristine RV.

Solution: Know
your fiberglass. Not only is it important to maintain it with products like Fiberglass
Powder Cleaner & Stain Remover
, but it’s important to understand
how it works, what it requires, and how to properly repair it. Learn more about
To Repair RV Fiberglass

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