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DIY RV Shower Tips


There are few things as freeing as being able to take your
shower with you. In an RV, you can take a shower with you on vacations, family
trips, or simply to supplement your camping experience. But if you’re the Do-It-Yourself
(DIY) type, there are some things you should know about RV showers before you
think about overhauling your showering experience. We’ve put together a list of
DIY RV shower tips to keep in mind.

Choose your showerhead

Just as the showerhead is integral to the experience in an
ordinary home, it’s going to be vital in your RV. In fact, you’ll likely find
that you use less water, which means that your showerhead’s pressure will be
that much more important. You may be tempted to cut corners in some areas to
save a buck or two, but make sure that you invest in a great showerhead. It’s
going to be responsible for your RV showering experience for years to come.

If you have a trip
planned, make sure you have a backup shower in mind.

If you’re going to be working on your RV shower but also
have a trip planned, make sure that you have backups in place. For example,
camp showers such as Solar Showers and “Showers in a Bag” provide some options
for staying clean. They’re not ideal solutions, but they’ll help you cope with
the temporary loss of your shower if you’re currently working on updating or
installing yours.

Remember the
importance of what’s under your feet.

While the showerhead plays a huge role in the shower
experience itself, it’s what’s under your feet that makes the experience
possible. Effective containment and draining are at the heart of an effective RV
shower, which is why it pays to be careful and take your time when you work on
these areas. “Shower pans,” as they’re often called, can require a lot of
sealing. The trick is in knowing when you can handle this yourself—and when it
may be time to call in a professional.

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full line of RV sealants.

Don’t forget about
the lighting.

Most RV showers can be in cramped areas that are shut off
from the outside world, which means that you’ll have to keep some basic
lighting in mind if you’re re-doing the shower area. Try to find the lighting
that can offer warm, soft lighting while still providing enough power to cover
the entire area.

Get to know your RV
water system.

Doing your own RV shower means you’ll have to know your RV
water system well. Take the time to get to know how it drains, which controls
change the water supply, and where to disconnect the water pump. You’ll likely
have to get familiar with your RV’s shower access panel, as well. If you’re
re-doing your shower, you may have to disconnect the pipes entirely before
moving forward.

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