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Essential Motor Home Roof Repair Products


There’s only one item that makes a motor home an actual home: the roof over your head. But if
your roof were to spring a leak, the quality of your roof threatens to harm the
rest of your entire motor home. That’s why it’s so essential to stay stocked
with maintenance products. Armed with the proper RV sealants and more,
you’ll have everything you need to seal out the rain and ensure that you can
keep on enjoying a comfortable motor home. Here are a few motor home roof
repair products you’ll want to keep handy.

Silicone Rubber

If you’re looking for a product that’s all-purpose,
non-corrosive, non-yellowing, low-odor, and tack-free in thirty minutes or
less, you might be on a long search. Unless, of course, you secure a Silicone
Rubber Sealant cartridge
for yourself. This cartridge makes it easy to
apply the right sealant for your motor home roof and will retain its
flexibility for years, which helps prevent the cracking that frustrates so many
home repairers.

Silicone / Polyurethane

What if you want a sealant to bond to fiberglass instead?
Fiberglass can be tricky to deal with, which means you’ll need something that
can properly bond to it and address any fiberglass issues on or around your motor
home. Our Silicone/Polyurethane
is exactly what you need in this case. With a full cure in just 24
hours, it will be an easy way to seal off your roof and ensure that you have
watertight protection where you need it the most.

The Stick

The Stick
may both look and cost like something of little consequence, but there’s a lot
more to it than that. If you’re sealing off your roof, you want the seal to be
as smooth as possible. And you don’t want to get your hands dirty, either. The
Stick helps you create the level of sealant you need with ease.

Super Slick Sealant

Speaking of getting your hands dirty—what if you didn’t have
to? Super
Slick Sealant Smoother
helps remove excess sealant from your fingers, which
ensures that you have the best possible experience as you handle your roof

Effective Cleaner

Consider this an essential motor home repair product for
more than just your roof. Our Suds
can clean the exterior of your motor home without removing the wax
from the fiberglass. It’s specially formulated to handle the unique challenges
of cleaning motor home exteriors, which means it will be equally effective when
you clean your roof and work to keep it properly maintained throughout the
year. Don’t use just any general cleaner for this—use one that’s designed for your space.

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