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Essential RV Roof Repair Products


There’s nothing more vital to shelter than the roof over
your head—even if that shelter comes in the mobile variety. That’s why your
roof is one of the most essential areas of your RV. If it’s not properly sealed
and maintained, the rest of your RVing experience will be affected. If you’re
in search of the right tools to maintain or repair your roof, you’ve come to
the right place. Simply browse through the essential RV roof repair products
here at RV by LIFE!

RV Sealants for
Repairing Roof Leaks

Keeping your roof properly sealed means you’ll lock out
rain, debris, and weather. But what does a “proper seal” mean, anyway—and how
can you be confident that it’s water-tight before
the next rainstorm rolls in?

The first step is to browse through our RV sealants to find the right
cartridge to match the material you’re working with:

  • LifeSeal®
    Silicone/Polyurethane Sealant Cartridge
    . Formulated especially for
    fiberglass surfaces, this is a versatile application you can use, though it’s
    best to avoid impregnated wood and oil-soaked materials.
  • Life-Calk®
    Polysulfide Sealant Cartridge
    . Bonds to fiberglass, wood, metal,
    glass—even itself. This is a great sealant that, once cured, can be sanded down
    to match the rest of your RV roof and create a smooth and clean appearance.
  • Silicone
    Rubber Sealant Cartridge
    . This is a great RV roof repair product
    that helps to avoid shrinking, cracking, and drying out. It will adhere to
    fiberglass, plastic, metal, and wood. Because it maintains a high degree of
    flexibility, this sealant is especially good at difficult or troublesome spots
    that you need sealed.

With a properly cleaned roof and a small enough leak, you
should have no problem utilizing a proper RV sealant to patch things up. Make
sure that you take care to use the proper sealant cartridge for the materials
you’re working with—this will make your life a lot easier and will ensure a
proper, water-tight seal that keeps rain and debris locked away.

Roof Cleaners and
Restoration Products

Repairing a roof usually starts with some degree of cleaning.
Either you have to clear out debris to make way for an application of sealant,
or you simply have to make sure that a surface is dry and clean for easy
working. That’s why it’s important to maintain a clean roof.

We recommend a Gallon of Suds for this purpose.
This general-purpose RV cleaner is great to have around for cleaning any area
on your RV. Keeping a gallon of it handy will help ensure that you can clean
large spaces like a roof at a moment’s notice. And because Suds is safe for
painted surfaces, you won’t have to worry about those difficult-to-manage areas
where the RV roof meets paint.

Want even more RV roof repair products to help you maintain
an RV that can host your next adventure? Then visit all of the RV cleaning,
repair, and restoration products
here at RV by LIFE to find the best
additions to your RV maintenance kit.

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