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First RV Cleaning Session: Keep Your RV Looking New


You have a new RV in your driveway and your excitement is at
an all-time high. Finally, it hits you: you’re going to need some serious RV
cleaning products, equipment and knowledge if you’re going to be able to clean
something this massive.

But cleaning an RV doesn’t have to be difficult, especially
if you have the right RV cleaning products by your side. Here are our tips for
making your first RV cleaning session a success.

Invest in a
Long-Handled Brush

If there’s no other tip you take with you from this article,
take this one: a long-handled brush will make your life a heck of a lot easier.

RV’s are big, after all. They come with a lot of surface
area. Unlike cars, which can be washed by hand if you have the patience,
washing an RV all by hand will put a lot of stress on your joints and your
muscles, even if you’re particularly spry. A wide, long-handled brush will help
you scrub your RV as painlessly as possible.

Buy Your RV Cleaner
by the Gallon

Suds Gallon
is a wise purchase for your first RV cleaning session, because it’s designed
for RV’s specifically and provides plenty of suds to work with. Buying by the
gallon saves you money in the long run and ensures that you’ll stay stocked for

Remove All RV Adhesives
Before You Start

A thorough application of Release®
Adhesive and Sealant Remover
might take you longer than just a few seconds,
but it will help ensure that any of the RV dealer stickers will be removed with
minimal debris. Remove these stickers ASAP—they’ll only be more difficult to
remove the longer you wait.

Don’t Get Abrasive

It’s important to buy the right RV application products as
well as the right RV cleaners. The long-handled brush is a wise investment. But
make sure you avoid overly abrasive cleaners and applicators as well. Before
you make any purchase, be sure that
your cleaner or scrubber is designed for use on fiberglass. You don’t want to
scratch up your RV exterior simply because you made one wrong purchasing

Establish an RV
Cleaning Routine

In this first RV cleaning effort of yours, you’ll want to
note what works and what doesn’t. This will help you build an RV
cleaning routine
that makes long-term maintenance much easier. If you don’t
get a good routine going, you’ll be less inclined to keep your RV clean. No one
wants that, least of all a new RV owner.

Write Down your RV’s

Yes, you might feel like the teacher’s pet when you do so,
but you’d be surprised at how much can change in just a few short months. By
writing down the condition of your RV—perhaps even taking a few pictures—you’ll
get a sense for what materials gather the most dust and debris. Is your vinyl a
dust magnet? Is your RV interior gathering mold?

Every RV is different, and knowledge is power. If you know
your RV’s tendencies, you’ll be able to prevent long-term problems from

Enjoy Yourself

This is your RV, after all—cleaning it should be a labor of
love, not a chore. Play some music as you work, find a nice clear afternoon,
and use the cleaning as an opportunity to relax. The more rewarding the
experience is for you, the more you’ll love taking care of your RV. 

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