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Five Answers to the Most Common RV-Living Questions

These days, every web site
under the sun has an FAQ section for frequently asked questions. If only there
were an FAQ page for every aspect of our life, from car ownership to paying our

Unfortunately, it doesn’t
always work that way in real life, and certainly not for the RV life. If you’ve
been considering living in an RV—or even simply owning one of your own for
vacations and road trips—there hasn’t been an “FAQ” to read anywhere.

Until now. Let’s look at the
most common RV living questions and the answers that make RV living easy,
simple, and always fun.

Question: “What do you do for Internet?”

Answer: It’s actually simpler than you think. Many of the big
Internet providers offer wireless connection cards that can easily be linked to
your laptop or PC and—voila!—you’re connected to the Internet. Of course, your
individual connectivity times with these connections will vary, but we
recommend trying a few on your own time first to get a feel for which provider
is best for you. If you already have one in mind, great! You’re ready to go.
Many of these Internet connections can provide mobile hotspots for $60/month or

Question: “What’s a good way to keep my electronics charged?”

Answer: If you’ve ever charged a phone in your car adapter, you
already know how simple this can be. Of course, you use more than your phone
when living in an RV. So we recommend acquiring a car to USB adapter, as these
kinds of adapters can handle just about any type of electronics you have to
throw at them. If you have older electronics, you can use your regular car
chargers. If you expect on hosting a lot of people, you can always purchase a
double-socketed charger.

Question: “What are the best ways to stay warm?”

Answer: It varies. Some people are perfectly happy with their RV’s
own heating element, though in some RVs, this can drain the battery quickly.
Other people will buy portable heaters or products like Olympian Wave. Along
with plenty of insulation (read: blankets), the Olympian Wave offers a highly
energy-efficient solution to your warmth needs. It can be used to supplement
your RV’s natural heat to reduce the strain on your RV battery.

Question: “Do I need to wash my RV in any special way?”

Answer: We recommend using a cleaner that can wash your RV without
removing any wax from the fiberglass. A quart of Suds, for example, will go a
long way in keeping your RV looking as fresh and clean as possibly without getting
rid of the wax applied after a previous wash. Because keeping wax on fiberglass
offers so much additional long-term beauty for your RV, we think you should use
this product as opposed to the usual soap-and-water method of cleaning a car.

Question: “What should I do with my RV fiberglass?”

Answer: If you’ve never worked with fiberglass before, this can be
a real concern. We recommend using a Fiberglass Rubbing
that keeps your fiberglass finish looking fresh while removing
oxidation. It’s a great “quick tip” for someone
who’s new to RV maintenance.

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