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Four Tips to Prevent Mildew in Your RV – and a Tip for When It Does

Recreational vehicles are there to have fun. Heck, recreation is their first name. But
there’s nothing fun about a moist, mildew-ridden RV in desperate need of a cleaning.
In fact, it can be downright miserable in an RV where substances like mildew
start to form.

Mildew might be a natural state of living for some. But that
thin, nasty, often white growth in your RV, is decidedly not supposed to be there if you’re taking proper care of your RV.
And if you want to ensure that everyone in your RV is having as good a time as
they possibly can, you’ve got to learn not only how to prevent mildew from ever forming, but how to treat it when it does. Here are our top tricks for preventing and
eliminating mildew:

Tip #1: Keep your RV
 The quickest way to ensure the growth of mildew is to have a messy,
moist environment within your RV. This environment allows mildew to thrive; the
opposite, however, has the obvious
effect of preventing mildew. Keep windows open to let outside air in regularly,
be sure to keep your bathroom dry, and make sure to cover pots while cooking.
These small steps add up to a lot of added dryness in your RV which is a good
thing: clean and dry are the goals here.

Tip #2: Protect your
Because mildew tends to grow on organic materials like leather and
wood, you’ll need to pay special attention to those areas of upholstery within
your RV. You can use a fungicide treatment to prevent odd growths in your
leather. It will also pay to keep leather dry (see tip #1) as well as clean. We
recommend seeking leather-specific products so that you don’t do any damage to
leather upholstery in the name of preventing mildew.

Tip #3: Keep your RV
Ensuring that there are no major leaks within your RV roof, for
example, will have the added advantage of keeping out the hidden moisture that
sneaks in when you’re least suspecting it. Yes, you want air to flow freely—but
you don’t want moisture getting in. Sealing up your RV and regularly inspecting
it for leaks is a great way to get the proper seal you need.

Tip #4: Put all of
the damp stuff in designated areas.
Dishes, pots, clothes—anything with
moisture, really—needs to be in its appropriate area if you’re going to keep
the rest of the upholstery dry and mildew-free. Laundry baskets for soiled
clothes are important; don’t let clothes lay around.

Getting rid of mildew
is a simple process of employing the right tool to the job. Our Mildew Remover does
a fantastic job of keeping mildew at bay—especially if you get to the mildew
early so it hasn’t had the time to set in.

Give your RV an once-over every so often to check for leaks
and mildew; not only will this help you to prevent mildew but it will help you
eliminate it altogether in its infancy. Your reward will be a fresh, clean
recreational vehicle.

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